Course materials

It is important you ensure that everything on your prescribed reading list is available through the Library. Librarians can help to find suitable resources and ensure that they are available. Wherever possible, we will try to source online versions to ensure equity and ease of access for all students, whether on campus or online.


All reading lists are made available via the myReadings platform. For more information see Register myReadings.

For enquiries:

Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources (OERs) are openly and freely available resources that can be adopted and (in many cases) adapted under Creative Commons (CC) licenses. 

Browse the Library's OER collection.  

Open Reserve

Library items identified in the UCMS reading list as prescribed texts will have one copy automatically placed on Open Reserve for in library use only at each campus where the unit is delivered on campus. 

Copyright material

Copyright material made available online or distributed in digital form must be registered with myReadings.

Suggest a purchase

Please contact your Faculty and College Librarians if there is something missing from our collection required for your teaching.