Research skills

Southern Cross University Librarians will help you develop the information skills your students need to succeed in their studies. This will ensure your students leave university with the skills they need to find and manage information and to develop effective lifelong learning skills. With this in mind, the Library has developed an Information Literacy Statement to formalise our commitment to the development of information skills in the Southern Cross University community.

The Faculty and College Librarians can help you in many ways, including:

  • facilitating a thread in a discussion board in MySCU;
  • providing tips and answering questions relating to an assessment task;
  • linking to existing online tutorials and guides;
  • providing tailored workshops and classes;
  • developing research skills and utilising the online teaching resources.

Online teaching resources

Use these resources to help your students hone their research skills and locate the information they need to complete their assessments

Develop students’ academic, numeracy and digital skills through our series of interactive topics in Southern Cross University StudyHub.

Research Ready is a series of online learning modules about: finding resources, ‘scholarly’ or reliable sources, referencing and plagiarism basics. Using videos, live webpage searching, and short quiz questions, the concepts taught in these modules may help your students to improve their marks and save time.

Use Research Ready in teaching:

  • embed as an early assessment task (contact your librarian to set up tracking of student completion)
  • provide as supplemental material
  • customise content for a specific unit, with relevant resources and topics covered (contact your librarian)

RAISE is an independent-learning tool designed to build the research skills of postgraduate students.

There are four modules in RAISE:

  • Fundamentals of searching
    Selecting keywords and synonyms, building and applying a search strategy, evaluating information
  • Extend your searching 
    Reviewing the literature, citation searching, documenting and saving your search, finding theses and grey literature
  • Managing research information
    Managing literature, keeping current, researcher responsibilities, copyright, research data management
  • Getting published
    Building connections and collaborating, publish your research, researcher metrics and impact, researcher identifiers

Numeracy Ready is a series of online learning modules that will help students to understand more about how to solve basic numeracy problems, including tasks such as graphing and word problems. Include videos and short quizzes to check their knowledge.

Useful information guides curated by Librarians for specific subject areas