Dr Daniele Cagnazzi

Dr Daniele Cagnazzi

Master (University of Bologna)

Research Summary

Daniele is a conservation biologist focused on assessing the anthropogenic impact on marine megafauna with particular emphasis but not limited to marine mammals. Daniele is especially interested in investigating the effect of human disturbance on population dynamics and survival. Daniele is the founder of "The Capricorn Cetaceans Project", a large multidisciplinary project which investigates the population viability, genetic population structure and toxicology status of Australian humpback and snubfin dolphins in the Great Barrier Reef. Ongoing projects on marine mammals include studies on the taxonomy of spinner dolphins in Australia, population dynamics of bottlenose dolphins in northern New South Wales and energetic expenditure in humpback whales. Daniele is also investigating bioaccumulation and the effects of anthropogenic contaminants and plastics in elasmobranchs and marine turtles in northern New South Wales.


A list of Daniele publications is available through the following links: GoogleScholar and Epubs