Dr Kay Dimmock

Research Interests

Kay Dimmock is a Senior Lecturer at Southern Cross University based in the Faculty of Business, Law and Arts. Her work extends from business to tourism in higher education.  Within a marine and coastal context Kay has researched social experiences including perceptions, beliefs and impacts on stakeholders through leisure and tourism. 

Linked directly with her research she developed a marine-focused teaching-research nexus through the unit MNG10724 - Coastal and Marine Tourism. The unit allows students to consider the co-existence of tourism and other activities in coastal and marine environments. Within MNG10724 Kay has created international field trips to locations in Indonesia enabling students to complete real world assessment tasks.

Her research has been individual and collaborative at local and regional levels. She works closely with marine tourism stakeholders including industry, community, researchers and government agencies to understand social dimensions of coastal and marine environments. Internationally, Kay works with fellow collaborators and has co-edited a textbook focused specifically on the tourism niche, SCUBA Diving Tourism.

Supervision and mentoring HDR students to successful completion in marine related topics has involved Kay with projects including ‘Phenomenology, women and surfing’, ‘Destination competitiveness and SCUBA diving tourism’, ‘White shark cave diving in Australia and potential for conservation’ and ‘Wreck divers and management of underwater cultural heritage’.


A list of Kay's publications is available through the following link GoogleScholar and Epubs