Dr Sander Scheffers

Dr Sander Scheffers

PhD, University of Amsterdam, 6th of Sept. 2005: 'Benthic-Pelagic coupling in Coral Reefs'
MSc, University of Amsterdam: 'Large scale ecological patterns in Coral Reefs'

Research Summary

Coral reefs are extremely sensitive to the threats of global climate change and local degradation from human activity. Many reefs (e.g. Caribbean) have already crossed critical ecological thresholds. Even the Great Barrier Reef, commonly regarded as the world's best managed coral reef system, is in decline from the combination of ongoing human impacts, such as land-based pollution, and in an increased frequency and severity of coral bleaching. Rapidly rising levels of atmospheric CO2 levels is causing global warming as well as perturbing the oceans carbonate chemistry in a process known as 'ocean acidification'. These local environmental and the now inevitable impacts of global climate change are assessed using long-term geochemical records from fossil and modern coral cores.

Taking coral core samples Taking reef core samples

My group, together with collaborators Prof Malcolm McCulloch (UWA), Prof Jian-xin Zhao (UQ), Dr. Thomas Felis (University of Bremen, is using these long-term coral records from e.g. Caribbean, Thailand, GBR, Ningaloo to distinguish long-term natural variability from more recent anthropogenic impacts that are now affecting coral reefs and their marine environment.

The past is a window into the future. In reconstructing past environments we can more accurately predict future trajectories of ecosystems. Specifically, historical analyses are an essential tool for understanding the current state of coral reefs, how they got to that state, and for devising a strategy for their restoration. With our experience of palaeo-environments in coral reef ecosystems of the Caribbean and Indo-Pacific / Australasian regions, we will be able to provide a valuable contribution to discussions on accuracy and uncertainties of longer-term data needed in sound decision-making.

Selected Publications (2007-Present)

Book (in press)

Scheffers A, Scheffers SR, Kelletat D (2011). The Coastlines of the World with Google Earth- Understanding our Environment. Series: Coastal Research Library, Vol. 2. Springer Oceanography . ISBN 978-94-007-0737-5

Articles in Press

Brill D, Breckner H, Scheffers A, Jankaew K, Kelletat D, Scheffers SR. (2011): Potential predecessors of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami - sedimentary evidence of extreme wave events at Ban Bang Sak, SW Thailand. Sedimentary Geology

Scheffers A, Engel M, Scheffers SR, Squire P, Kelletat D(2011): Beach Ridge Systems Archives for Holocene Coastal Events? Progress in Physical Geography


Giry C, Felis T, Koelling M, Scholz D, Fensterer C, Lohmann G, Wei W, Scheffers SR. 2011. Mid to late Holocene changes in tropical Atlantic temperature seasonality and inter-annual to multi-decadal variability documented in southern Caribbean coral Sr/Ca records. Earth & Planetary Science Letters

Scheffers A, Scheffers SR, Kelletat D, Squire, P, Collins, L, Feng Y, Zhao JX, Johannes-Boyau R, Schellmann G, Freeman H (2011): Coarse clast beach ridge sequences as suitable archives for the science of palaeotempestology? Case Study on the Houtman Abrolhos, Western Australia. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms

Book Chapters

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Refereed Journal Articles

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Refereed Conference Papers

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