Euan Provost

PhD project title: The utility of drones for coastal management data collection 

Principal supervisor: Brendan Kelaher

Co-supervisor: Paul Butcher and Melinda Coleman

Research summary

My research looks at the application of drone technologies for data collection in support of coastal management. Coastal areas are at risk of unsustainable use and require management in order to ensure these areas are not degraded. Knowing how these areas are being used informs managers when making decisions and developing management plans to protect habitats and resources. Drone technology has the potential to collect data in a cost-effective and safe manner. My project investigates the potential applications of drones, determining the utility of drone based technology.

My project has used drones to collect information of how beach habitats are being used during school holiday periods, through the year. Also, I will be looking to see how fisheries managers could utilise this tool to assist in compliance, and quantifying recreational fishing effort.


Australian Postgraduate Award (2017)


Provost EJ, Kelaher BP, Dworjanyn SA, Russell BD, Connell SD, Ghedini G, Gillanders BM, Figueira WAM, Coleman MA (2016) Climate-Driven Disparities among Ecological Interactions Threaten Kelp Forest Persistence. Global Change Biology.