Marine Guezo

PhD project title: Characterization the recovery potential of Palauan coral reefs following acute disturbances using biophysical monitoring and predictive modelling 

Principal supervisor: Prof. Peter Harrison

Co-supervisor: A/Prof. Daniel Bucher, Dr. Christopher Doropoulos, Dr. Katharina Fabricius, Dr. Yimnang Golbuu

Research summary:

Originally from the south of France, Marine completed her education overseas and earnt a Bachelor in Marine Science at University of Queensland in Brisbane and a Master in Marine Conservation at Victoria University of Wellington in New-Zealand. After graduation, she worked as science officer for a marine conservation NGO in Madagascar, where she mastered her field work skills. Since 2014, Marine has been working as a full-time researcher at the Palau International Coral Reef Center in Palau, Micronesia. Her work focuses mostly on long-term coral reef dynamics and recovery, marine protected areas effectiveness and fisheries studies.

Marine has taken on the challenge to complete a PhD as an offshore student with Southern Cross University. Her PhD research focuses on coral reef recovery after large-scale disturbances such as mass coral bleaching and typhoons events. By combining long-term coral reef monitoring, coral reproduction and recruitment datasets with several modelling techniques, Marine is hoping to make accurate predictions on the time coral reefs take to recover when largely disturbed and to identify key ecological processes driving the recovery of coral reef communities. In the context of uncertain weather patterns caused by global climate change, the final product of this research will inform resource managers on what biophysical drivers may significantly assist with optimal coral reef recovery.


  • 2012 Merton/Englert Award for the best team project 2012, Victoria University of Wellington, New-Zealand
  • 2011 Victoria Graduate Award, Victoria University of Wellington, New-Zealand.