Peter Butcherine

PhD project title: Investigation of the sublethal impacts of neonicotinoids on aquaculture produced shrimp

Principal supervisor: Kirsten Benkendorff

Co-supervisor: Bronwyn Barkla, Brendan Kelaher

Research summary: My research is aiming to identify biomarkers for neonicotinoid insecticide exposure in cultured shrimp. This involves optimising and validating analysis methods and determining how these impact prawn production and nutritional quality. My aims are to improve insecticide management and remediation systems for shrimp aquaculture.


  • SCU University Medal
  • Australian Council of Environmental Deans and Directors Scholars Award
  • School of Environment, Science and Engineering Prize of Excellence


P. Butcherine, K. Benkendorff, B. Kelaher, B.J. Barkla, The risk of neonicotinoid exposure to shrimp aquaculture, Chemosphere 217 (2019) 329-348.