Professor Caroline A Sullivan

Associate Professor Caroline A Sullivan


Research Summary

Professor Sullivan has extensive natural resource research experience, with a major focus on water resources management, poverty alleviation and sustainable development. She has worked with a wide range of stakeholder groups, and has long been involved in the development of monitoring metrics for water management. She has considerable international development experience in both water management and forestry projects in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. Her current research interests include climate vulnerability, marine and terrestrial ecosystem services, poverty reduction, environmental valuation, local governance, renewable energy, integrated land and water management.

Areas of Teaching


  • Ecological and Environmental Economics
  • Natural Resource Policy


Masters - Environment and Development, renewable energy, ecosystem services

PhD students

  • Ecosystem Services
  • Environmental accounting
  • Local Government and Climate change
  • Marine fisheries and livelihoods


A list of Caroline's publications is available through the following link: GoogleScholar

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