Dolphin Research Projects

Capricorn Cetaceans Project

For more information about the Capricornia Cetaceans Project.

Dolphins & Estuaries


The dolphins accessing the estuarine and river systems of New South Wales are significant because of the dolphins' vulnerability to both the affects made by humans to their environment and naturally occurring environmental changes. River and coastal dolphins are one of the first cetaceans to suffer these impacts.

Research projects being undertaken in collaboration with Dolphin Research Australia Inc. and the Southern Cross University Marine Ecology Research Centre include studying the impacts of increasing coastal development on dolphin communities and assessing the risk factors to dolphin survival and occupancy in estuaries of Australia. The research focuses on dolphin habitat use patterns, site fidelity and population dynamics of estuarine areas. Results on how flood events and water quality components affect the dolphins' use of estuaries have also been assessed.

Other Dolphin Projects

The Marine Ecology Research Centre works in collaboration with Dolphin Research Australia Inc. on the Moreton Bay Dolphin Research Project and the Byron Bay Dolphin Research Project. You can find more information about these projects on the Dolphin Research Australia Inc. website.