Research Themes

The structural foundation of research work to be carried out by the National Centre for Flood Research include five research themes all targeted towards the achievement of a flood resilient Australia, and are identified as: Mitigation options, Land and waterscapes, Emergency management, Community awareness and capacity, and Land use planning.

The figure below illustrates the hierarchical structure of the proposed five research themes, supported by five core concepts for each theme, and five key ideas for each theme. These are presented in tabular format below, but it is important to understand how integrated and comprehensive information and research needs to be in order to effectively address flood resilience.  In an adaptive process, this will continue to be developed as a demand-led research agenda.

Download the Flood Resilient Australia graph

Research Themes

The development of research themes for the National Centre for Flood Research is ongoing, and will include: 

  • Hydrology, Climate, Modelling
  • Land cover, economic, social and ecological impact assessment
  • Politics and Law
  • Education, educational tools, innovative communication platforms
  • Sociology, Psychology, and Health
  • Economics, Business, Accounting
  • Engineering, Ecology, Biogeochemistry
  • Disaster Management, community-based preparedness and response
  • Interagency cooperation, the role of social networks
  • Traditional Indigenous knowledge