"What matters to us is that we change the conversation on health. We are committed to helping the patient be an active part of their treatment journey."

Jon Wardle

Foundation Director, National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine

Addressing current and future health challenges

The National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine is dedicated to improving health care outcomes for all through an interlinked approach to delivering premier academic courses, pioneering research and advocating patient-centric approaches. Launched in 2020, we are committed to transforming modern day health care – from investigating pain relief for cancer patients to working with government to develop self-care policy, we are empowering patients and improving health by facilitating access to the best of integrative and conventional therapies.

We are preparing and supporting an integrated health workforce with the competency and capability to contribute to quality healthcare through innovative academic courses and clinical training programs. In addition, we are growing a more robust body of evidence by conducting rigorous and relevant research that has real-world impact and translational outcomes for communities in Australia and around the world. Finally, we aim to build credibility, respect and recognition of the importance of naturopathic approaches and to advocate the integration of complementary medicine professions as integral members of the health care team.