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Catch up on all the latest news from the National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine. Our research into evidence-based natural medicines will play an important role in health and wellbeing outcomes, positioning NCNM at the forefront of solutions to Australia’s growing healthcare needs.

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A man and woman standing in front of gum trees

As the Southern Cross University Virtual Open Day wrapped up this month, there was significant interest from school leavers, non-school leavers, naturopaths and other health practitioners in studying at the National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM).

  31 August 2021

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A woman with long blonde hair wearing grey jumper at the beach

Meet Olympian, Nicole Hannan. For more than 17 years Nicole competed for Australia in indoor volleyball then beach volleyball, winning a bronze medal at the Beach Volleyball World Championships in 2003, then finishing 4th at the Athens 2004 Olympics.

  29 July 2021

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A woman and man sitting inside their home in Sierra Leone

West Africa’s Ebola outbreak between 2013 and 2016 was the most widespread in the history of the disease. By the end of the outbreak, more than 28,000 people were infected and 11,000 succumbed to the disease.

  28 May 2021

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Man in business jacket in front of trees

Dr Peter Bai James, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Southern Cross University’s National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine, has accepted a nomination to serve on an advisory committee for the West African Health Organisation’s Traditional Medicine Programme.

  26 May 2021

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World Health Day 2021 promotional banner

The World Health Organization (WHO) is calling for urgent action to tackle and ultimately eliminate health inequalities as it marks World Health Day today (April 7).

  7 April 2021

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Woman in striped shirt with trees and path behind her

Associate Professor Romy Lauche is a qualified psychologist with a PhD in medical sciences. She is extensively experienced with all facets of clinical and non-clinical research including research methodology, systematic reviews, meta-analysis, mixed-methods research, and statistical analyses of large population health datasets.

  18 March 2021

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Medic and young girl

Researchers are inviting parents to have their say in the development of future healthcare services for children by sharing their views on how they have managed common health issues, including the treatments and services they access and what factors influence these decisions.

  11 February 2021

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Healthcare working holding person's hand

A pilot study being conducted at the National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine is investigating a controversial topic – how cannabis, medicinal or recreational, is used, accessed and how it may benefit individuals with Parkinson’s Disease.

  3 February 2021

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People sitting cross-legged with upward palms and meditating

Comparing the effects of relaxation methods and facilitated support groups for women affected by domestic violence is the focus of a new study lead by the National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine.

  18 January 2021

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Three people at a meeting looking at a computer screen

It is safe to say that 2020 has been a huge year for everyone. If navigating a global pandemic wasn’t enough, the National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine officially launched with three major leadership positions.

  16 December 2020

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Woman sitting in a chair

In celebration of naturopaths and complementary medicine practitioners around the world, the National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine featured a series, ‘Shining a Light’, that told stories of trail-blazers who are doing fascinating work in their field.

  14 December 2020

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Rows of desks and chairs in a classroom

In a pioneering research initiative for the naturopathic profession in Australia, researchers are investigating the educational needs and preferences of naturopaths through an online survey.

  24 November 2020

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A large room containing shelves and books

During the time of the Soviet Union, a targeted research directive on the popular adaptogenic herb Eleutherococcus – also known as Siberian ginseng.

  16 November 2020

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Man inspecting branch of tree

Tea tree is an Australian native plant well known around the world for its antimicrobial properties.

  13 November 2020

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Woman smiling in front of a bookcase

Starting January 2021 our two flagship courses begin — the Graduate Certificate in Advanced Naturopathic Medicine and a Master of Advanced Naturopathic Medicine.

  5 November 2020

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Laptop on desk next to window with views of the neighbourhood

How women are managing endometriosis while working from home due to workplace changes during the COVID-19 pandemic is the focus of a new online survey led by the National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine.

  30 October 2020

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Man holding laptop in a library

Australians will achieve better health outcomes when self-care is a priority of the healthcare system and federal government policy, says the Director of the National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine.

  26 October 2020

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Female student with long dark hair wearing SCU polo shirt and holding laptop

The National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine at Southern Cross University is launching its first intake of the newly developed Summer Research Scholarships Program.

  21 October 2020

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man massaging a woman's feet

Associate Professor Matthew Leach is a registered nurse and naturopath who has earned an international reputation for his achievements in health services research.

  16 October 2020

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Matthew Leach

Associate Professor Matthew Leach is a registered nurse and naturopath who has earned an international reputation for his achievements in health services research.

  25 September 2020

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Sophia Gerontakos PhD candidate NCNM

PhD candidate Sophia Gerontakos is a naturopath, herbalist and massage therapist with a multi-level approach to wellness: physical, mental and emotional health. In her practice, Sophia has experience treating a broad array of ailments, but has a special interest in naturopathic medicine and mental health.

  9 September 2020

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Asthma puffer and flowering tree

While rural Australians are disproportionately affected by chronic disease this may not be the case with asthma, according to new research from Southern Cross University.

  4 September 2020

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Critical thinking

Article by Dr Andrea Bugarcic, Senior Lecturer in the National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine at Southern Cross University.

Critical thinking and clinical reasoning are both important concepts in health care that underpin safety and efficacy of any treatment, and contribute to the development of clinician’s experiences and effective patient education.

  19 August 2020

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Cancer pain study

The types of pain relief treatments cancer patients use is the subject of a new international online survey led by Southern Cross University. The aim of the survey is to map out exactly which treatments are used, including medical and complementary treatments, and why patients choose specific treatments. Researchers are seeking participants who have undergone cancer treatment and experience pain.

  19 August 2020

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Janet Schloss of the National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine

Dr Janet Schloss is an accomplished researcher who has dedicated the past decade to building the evidence-base for naturopathy, nutrition and integrative and complementary medicine, mostly through conducting clinical trials.
Janet has received industry recognised researcher awards and has a number of ground-breaking studies.

  11 August 2020

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War veteran NCNM

Southern Cross University’s National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) researchers are conducting the first comprehensive examination of integrative healthcare in military populations in Australia – a study that hopes to highlight the potential benefits of this approach to the management of chronic pain.

  30 July 2020

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Diabetes best practice

Article by Associate Professor Matthew Leach, Deputy Director of Education at the National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine. Diabetes is a disease that affects around 1.2 million people in Australia, and 422 million people globally, and something that I have been researching over the past decade. In particular, I have been exploring new, patient-centric solutions to managing the condition.

  20 July 2020

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Organic food and nutrition

Go on organic farm field trips and talk to farmers about their crops, all from your home office, with the new Graduate Certificate in Organic Food and Nutrition.

  26 June 2020

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Matthew Leach (right) and Romy Lauche of National Centre for Naturopathic Centre

Southern Cross University welcomes the appointments of four senior members to its National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine as the centre prepares to offer postgraduate courses from January 2021. An international search to identify academic researchers who are education and research leaders in health and medicine, not just in naturopathic education.

  11 June 2020

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Director of the new National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine Professor Jon Wardle

The new National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) is set to open at Southern Cross University’s Lismore Campus 24 March, 2020. The NCNM aims to deliver ground-breaking research opportunities and unprecedented avenues for collaboration with local, national and international research scientists and industry professionals.

  4 March 2020

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Marcus Blackmore

A $10 million donation by philanthropist Marcus Blackmore and his wife Caroline to Southern Cross University will help establish the first National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine.

  28 November 2018

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