Students walking in various campus locations

Find out all about your unique campus here.

The university will have signs directing you where to go for your tour and all of our O-Week activities.

Campus tips


Find out about your textbooks without coming onto campus by using SCU’s Unit Search Tool.

You can order your textbooks from The School Locker.

How to read room numbers

Coffs Harbour

The letter is the name of the block/building you need to go to, the first number (usually 1 or G) means the level the room is on: G is the ground floor or bottom level, 1 means it is up one level of stairs. The number after the decimal point is the location of the room on that floor. Example BG.06 means the room is in B Block, on the ground floor and the sixth room along (please note that there can be numerous entrances to a building, so it may not be the sixth room along from where you enter).

Gold Coast

The first letter and number of a room will tell you which Building and Level you should go to find your room. For example, room A2.04 is located in Building A, Level 2.


The letter is the name of the block, the first number (usually 1 or 2) means the level/floor the room is on: 1 is the ground floor or bottom level, 2 means it is up one level/floor. The number after the decimal point is the room number on that floor. Example: B2.31 means that the room is in B Block, it is upstairs and is room 31.

National Marine Science Centre

The NMSC is spread over 4 floors (0-basement, 1-aquarium, 2-teaching floor, 3-admin/staff). The NMSC Teaching Rooms are as follows: MSC/A/224 Teaching Lab, MSC/A/224A Classroom, MSC/A/239 Computer Lab and NMSC-A102 Lecture Theatre. The first ‘2’ & ‘1’ indicate the floor level (where level 1 is the Aquarium and level 2 is the teaching floor).

Student Areas

Coffs Harbour: The student lounge is located in F Block above the bus stop. You can relax here, do some study, and help yourself to a cup of tea or coffee.

Gold Coast: A student lounge is located in Building B, Level 4. This is a great meeting place for students and provides a relaxing space for students to kick back in between classes and study sessions.

Lismore: The Goodman Plaza is the heart of student life on campus and where you will find the Student Common Room. It’s also a great place to have lunch.

National Marine Science Centre (NMSC): The student entrance is located on level 2, which contains most of the teaching spaces, a nicely kitted-out kitchen, a student common room, and many quiet spaces for extra study and socialising. There is also a lecture theatre on the ground floor (level 1) within the Solitary Islands Aquarium. Level 3 and the basement houses specialist laboratories and research equipment. If you are not sure where you need to go, you can always visit the main reception on level 3 (the top floor). There is plenty of free parking for students just outside the building along Bay Drive, and we are only a 2-minute walk to the beach!