Coffs Harbour campus Orientation

Your Coffs Harbour campus university experience begins now. Orientation helps you make sense of university by:

  • Getting to know SCU’s facilities and services
  • Learning how to access the wide range of support available
  • Preparing you for study
  • Understanding your course and meeting your teaching staff
  • Connecting you with your fellow students while enjoying a range of social events
Orientation and Induction

  Plan your Orientation!

  Checklists and resources

  Orientation connecting activities

  International Students

International Students studying at Gold Coast, Lismore and Coffs Harbour please visit: International Student Orientation

 Coffs Harbour campus and surrounding area (1:48)

 Coffs Harbour campus virtual tour — Go to full screen

National Marine Science Centre

The National Marine Science Centre (NMSC) is part of the Faculty of Science and Engineering. It is located in Coffs Harbour on the east coast of Australia and adjacent to the Solitary Islands Marine Park, where both tropical and temperate currents meet.

This interesting setting provides practical opportunities in the study of marine science and management for both students and researchers. Facilities at NMSC include a flow-through seawater supply system, tank farm and extensive laboratories.

 NMSC virtual tour — Go to full screen

Where to park

For information on how to travel to Coffs Harbour campus and what parking is available please go to the Travel to SCU page.

How to read the classroom/lecture theatre room numbers

The letter is the name of the block/building you need to go to, the first number (usually 1 or G) means the level the room is on: G is the ground floor or bottom level, 1 means it is up the one level of stairs. The number after the decimal point is the location of the room on that floor.

Example BG.06 means the room is in B Block, on the ground floor and the sixth room along (please note that there can be numerous entrances to a building, so it may not be the sixth room along from where you enter).

See the Coffs Harbour campus map to find where particular places are located.

Gathering Space

If you’re looking for a place to eat, some lunchtime entertainment or just a place to relax, head to the gathering space near the D Block Lecture theatre. This is where you will find Campus Living Villages, Coffs Harbour Students Association, Student Support Services and the yummy cafe and canteen.

The Library

The Library is located in the Gathering Space at the Coffs Harbour campus. Facilities include 68 desktop PCs, seven meeting rooms for group study work, wireless connectivity, face-to-face help and collaborative spaces.


Are you looking for textbooks for units you want to study at SCU? You can find some information about study requirement and textbooks using SCU’s Unit Search Tool.

You can look up and order your textbooks from The School Locker.

Uni Quiet Space

Relax in a great place to socialise and chill on the lounges.

Coffs Harbour Education Campus Gym is now Open!

The Coffs Harbour Education Campus Gym is air-conditioned with access to cardio and weights equipment, plus indoor and outdoor sporting facilities with social sporting competitions.

Student Memberships Available from $9/week!
Membership includes unlimited access to the weights and cardio equipment.

To sign up, fill out the Membership Form and email to 
For enquiries please email or call Tom (+61) 0422 567 479

Opening Hours:

  • Monday - Thursday 6:00-9:00am and 4:00-7:30pm
  • Friday 6:00-9:00am
  • Saturday (from March) 8:00-11:00am

Work on your fitness with a variety Virtual Les Mills classes to suit everybody, conveniently located on the Coffs Harbour Campus. Les Mills Virtual is technology-based group exercise played via a projector screen. It's designed to provide staff and students with a group exercise fix at any time of the day.

Student association

Coffs Harbour Student’s Association (CHSA) is run by students for students to help you make your University experience as enjoyable, fun and supportive as possible. You are very welcome to pop in for a cuppa and a chat any time. We are located in F block next to the bus stop.

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