Students Christie and Josh share helpful tips. (4:00)

Christie: Hi everyone. Welcome to Southern Cross University, my name is Christie.

Josh: And I’m Josh, and we’re both students here at Southern Cross. So being an online student can be challenging, can be really rewarding as well.

You might be working full time, you might be a parent, you could be both, so you’ve got lots of things pulling you in different directions. Maybe you want to work at night or just go to class in pyjamas.

Christie: Which I have done, so if you do it’s OK. So as a new student you’ve probably got lots of questions about how to be a student and were here to let you know that that’s OK. There’s always someone you can turn to for help if you do have questions.

How is Uni different to school?

Christie: I remember when I first started I knew how to study as a student, but not as a Uni student, and they are quite different.

I had to be proactive about my studies. And I had to also learn new online systems, like My Enrolment and MySCU and what Collaborate was — and what the difference between them all.

What is my Enrolment?

A quick tip — MyEnrolment is the administration system you’ll use and it’s where you’ll enrol into your units, check your grades and it’s where you accepted your offer as well.

So you’ll use it quite often throughout your degree.

What is MySCU/Blackboard?

MySCU — also known as Blackboard is where you‘ll find your unit content. So things like your assignments and where to submit those assignments.

So what’s the main things you need to know about being an online student?

Josh: I’d say getting used to your online systems. So make sure you know how to use your Blackboard, make sure your email is ready and you know how to use that. Start communicating with your lecturers and other students. It’s really important to open those lines of communication.

How about you?

Christie: Well, definitely join UniMentor they can be a real help, and definitely look at the resources that Academic Skills [Learning Zone] have, and the Library — they can be absolute life savers sometimes.

How do I manage my time?

Josh: I started as a mature age student, and as a parent, so I really needed to start from scratch.

So time management was a massive issue for me.

I found the New to SCU module a really big help on getting started with my studies.

Christie: So what do you do to stay on top of things Josh?

Well the first thing I do is get onto MySCU, look at my Unit Information Guide and find out when my assignments are due. So I pop that all into the planning section of my diary and onto my wall planner, to make sure that I know when everything is coming up.

So as online students you have both the diary and wall planner mailed out to you.

What about you?

Christie: I actually do that as well, but I also make sure I have a study space at home. And I definitely let my housemates know when I need to study

Do you know what really gets me through — deadlines and snacks.

Where can I get help?

Josh: So there are so many services that are available to you if you need a bit of extra help. So here’s a quick summary of services that you might find useful as a first year student.

Christie: Course work: Ask your lecturer and tutor if you have any questions regarding any of your assignments.

Josh: Tips at Uni: Get a UniMentor they’ll really help show you the ropes and make you feel comfortable with getting started with your studies.

Christie: Assignments:  The Student Learning Zone and the Library have some fantastic resources to help you.

Josh: Computer Systems: Technology Services will help you work out what you need to get started with Uni.

Christie: Careers: Yes, this your end goal, but they can also help you pick up part time work during your studies.

Josh: Engage with other students. Connect on social media, Student Associations, SRC and events throughout the year whenever you can.

Christie: So that’s all from us today.

Remember there is a Top Links Sheet with all of the links and resources we’ve mentioned today.

Josh: So if you do happen to live near the Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast or Lismore campuses. You’re more than welcome to join in, on any on campus activities. Check out the schedules online.