Learning tools

As an online student, regularly accessing MySCU is vital.

It is where you will find learning sites for each of your units and access unit content and resources, connect with teachers and peers, submit your assignment, and more. You can also get to Collaborate in your MySCU learning site so you can join online classes.

Introduction to MySCU Portal (3:47)

MySCU is your portal to your unit content, and Southern Cross services and support. Often you will hear MySCU referred to as Blackboard – it’s the same thing.

Your login details for MySCU were emailed to your Southern Cross email account and are also found in My Enrolment under MySCU Details.

MySCU log in details. Usernames have a total of 8 characters or less plus a number.

For example Wendy Student may look like wstude12.

Access MySCU under Current Students from the Southern Cross homepage.

Click on the Current Students and Staff button and enter your username and password.

This is your MySCU portal.

Where you see a settings cog you can set your own MySCU preferences.

Each unit you are enrolled in will have its own Learning Site.

The settings cog in the Learning Sites section allows you to set preferences around the display of the information. These icons are shortcuts to information about your unit.

For example, select the book icon to discover your prescribed text book.

To enter a learning site just click the unit name. Usually you’ll enter at the Announcements. This is where your Unit Assessor announces important updates and instructions.

You can find out how to contact the teaching team by going to Contacts.

One of the first things to do for each unit is to read the Unit Information Guide for an overview.

Find out how the unit is taught. Learn when assessments are due. What you’ll actually be learning - your content - is also in your learning site, often inside a Study Guide.

If you have online classes, these may be delivered via Collaborate software. If you miss online classes, they are usually recorded, so you can watch them later.

While unit learning sites are similar, each Unit Assessor will give their site its own flavour and use slightly different terminology but you’ll soon get the hang of it.

Let’s go back to the MySCU portal. There’s a timeline with key dates to help keep you on track now and plan for the future. An area to provide feedback to the university and contact your Student Reps. A record of your library loans. And links to My Enrolment, your email, the library webpage and the Toolkit.

Open up the Tool Kit and find out what Southern Cross can offer to help get the job done. You can search the Tool Kit or browse through the sections.

Click on Show all to see everything in each section. When you have found what you need just click on the card and find guides, information and useful links.

MySCU and the unit learning sites are always being improved so what you see may look a little different from this video. We want you to be able to use MySCU intuitively but if that fails try Need Help.

In Need Help, it’s ok if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for – you just need to have an idea about what concerns you right now to search for or find easy to follow information.

We can’t wait to start learning with you.