Welcome to online students from Professor Nan Bahr

Welcome to Southern Cross University and I know you are an online student but this means that we are going to have a different sort of partnership but you’re still going to be really, really involved in the University activities. There is a range of things you can be a part of and just when it comes up online your invitation to be a part of I don’t know a marathon or a club or society or a team or something or other. Don’t think that’s not me, think that’s me, because as an online student you are a part of it and we want to have you involved in everything.

And another thing. Take the time to become familiar with all of the tools and supports that are available online here. As an online student you will be amazed. There is so much support there for you. For example there is the new Southern Cross University Study Tool Kit that has been specifically designed to help a student just like yourself.

And one last thing. Don’t forget to look after yourself. Work/life balance, you are important.

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