In meeting its obligation under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011, the University will, where reasonably practicable, ensure its employees, contractors and service providers carry out work in a safe manner.

To achieve this, the University, its contractors and service providers must ensure that risks from identified hazards are eliminated or controlled to an acceptable level to avoid injury.

The management of risk will include, but is not limited to:

  • All Contractors/Service Providers must 'sign in and out' of the Property Services Office between 7am - 4pm, Monday to Friday, and the Security Gatehouse outside of these hours;
  • Designing and implementation of safe work procedures and submission of Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS);
  • Undertaking hazard identification and risk control activities, including the submission of a Risk Assessment (RA);
  • Provision of Safety Data Sheets (SDS), as required;
  • Provision and use of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE);
  • Provision of adequate instruction, training and supervision;
  • Provision of appropriate and safe equipment;
  • Provision of current Public Liability Insurance (Certificate of Currency);
  • Provision of Workers Compensation (Certificate of Currency).

Contractors are expected to work safely at all times in complying with their obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 as well as relevant Codes of Practice and Australian Standards.

Prior to commencing contractor work with Southern Cross University, all businesses are required to forward copies of insurance:

  • Public Liability Insurance - Certificate of Currency (Minimum cover amount $20 Million on any one occurrence);
  • Workers Compensation Insurance – Certificate of Currency (Unless a sole trader)

Copies of current certificates must be emailed direct to prior to commencing work.

New suppliers who have been engaged to undertake works on one of our university campuses, must first complete a New Supplier Request Form and provide their ABN in order to become registered in our Finance System.

Email: Property Services

Contractor induction is a formal process of providing information on safety and operational requirements prior to commencement of work.

Before commencing any work onsite, each employee is required to complete the University’s online contractor induction.

The contractor induction covers the basic information to ensure awareness of responsibilities under WHS legislation and University requirements and addresses specific site rules for working on any of the University's campuses.

It is recommended that contractors apply to complete the online induction at least 24 hours prior to arriving onsite to commence work.


The Contractor:

  • Lodges a request for contractor induction
  • Provides proof of trade - qualifications / Industry licences / certificates (including General Construction Induction Training Card/ white card)
  • Provides Photo ID

Download the Contractor Induction Request Form.

  1. Complete the form and submit
  2. Attach supporting documentation:
    a. Proof of Identity – i.e. photo licence
    b. Proof of Trade Licence / certificates
    c. General Construction Induction Certificate
    d. Work Permits (where applicable)
  3. Complete the online Induction
  4. Generate the Certificate of Completion and submit.
All documentation should be sent to

Important Note:
All contractors carrying out work at the University’s Gold Coast campus must ensure they complete Emergency Evacuation Training as part of the online Contractor Induction, prior to attending site.


SCU’s Contractor Induction safety module consists of a short online information course. The purpose of the module is to support contractors with information on:

  • WHS legislative requirements;
  • Regulatory health, safety and environmental obligations;
  • Compliance with SCU Safe-Work policies and procedures; and
  • Safe-Work practices.

The module may be completed on a device such as a tablet, iPad, or PC but is not suitable for completion on a mobile phone device.

Contractors should allow up to 30 minutes to undertake the module. A pass mark of 10 or more is required to successfully pass the Induction.

Once the online induction has been completed, approved building access can be arranged.

For specialised work in laboratories, a further induction may be required.

Please contact the relevant area.

A Permit to Work is required by contractors for certain activities including:

  • Asbestos removal
  • Lead paint removal
  • Working at heights (including scaffolding, use of EWP, use of ladders with risk of fall > 2m)
  • Working in confined spaces
  • Fire systems interruption
  • All excavation and ground penetration work
  • Hot works (including welding)
  • Dust works (creating excessive dust)

Download a Hot Work Permit and Risk Assessment.

Download a Working at Heights Permit, Risk Assessment and Rescue Plan .

Permits to Work must be completed and approved a minimum of (48) hours prior to the work commencing.

Please email Property Services