Parking is free at the Lismore, Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour Education Campus, and the National Marine Science Centre.

All parking is available on a ‘search and find’ basis. There is no guarantee space will be available, particularly in the first four weeks of Session 1 which is our busiest time on campus.

For additional information on travelling to Southern Cross University campuses including public transport options, cycling, walking and carpooling, go to the Travel to SCU page.

Coffs Harbour Education campus: There are two student car parks both located on the right-hand side of the campus at the Hogbin Drive entrance. In addition, there are clearly marked staff and visitor allocations across the campus.

National Marine Science Centre (NMSC): There is a staff only car park available on Level 3 NMSC which can be accessed off Bay Drive; while students are asked to park along Bay Drive & Aquarium car park. 

Gold Coast campus: There are 1,050 spaces surrounding our three buildings. In addition, there is street parking available within 15 minutes walk of the Gold Coast campus, some of which have time limit restrictions. Please check street signage to ensure you are aware of any street parking restrictions.

Lismore campus: There are four student car parks, two at the entrance from Military Road, one at the entrance from Kellas Street, and one along Rifle Range Road. In addition, there are clearly marked staff and visitor allocations across the campus.

All Southern Cross University staff and students must display a Parking Permit in their vehicle windscreen if they wish to park on University grounds. 

Only one Parking Permit is issued to each SCU staff member and student; although you are allowed to nominate a second vehicle if you own multiple or share transportation with your partner/family however the details of the second vehicle must be included in your parking permit application otherwise swapping between two vehicles is strictly prohibited.

If you are found sharing your Parking Permit with a vehicle which does not match your application, Campus Security may contact you to confirm the owner of the car and the situation which has resulted in the Parking Permit being displayed on an unknown vehicle.

How can I apply?

To apply for a SCU Parking Permit you are required to complete the online form below. This form will request the following:

  • Your Name and Contact Details
  • SCU ID Number
  • Vehicle Make, Model, Colour and Registration

If you have any issues accessing the Parking Permit form or are unsure whether your request has been submitted correctly, please email

Parking Permit Access

Parking Permit Program_Instructions for Users



Where can I collect my Parking Permit?

After successfully completing your application for a Parking Permit, please present to one of the following collection locations:

Lismore Gold Coast National Marine Science Centre Coffs Harbour Education Campus
  • Security Gatehouse
  • X Block Student Services Hub
  • Security Office
  • Building A Student Services Hub
  • NMSC Level 3 Reception
  • M Block Student Services Hub

Do you require a Parking Permit?

Yes, if you are a SCU student or staff member you will need to apply for a parking permit by registering the vehicle to drive and park on our Southern Cross University campuses.

What can I do if I lose or damage my parking permit?

Please email and provide a brief explanation. A member of the team will then respond as soon as they can with how you are best to proceed.

What can I do if I enter my contact or vehicle details incorrectly?

Please email and provide a brief explanation. A member of the team will then update your registration accordingly and inform you when the changes are finalised.

I need to use a hire vehicle for a few weeks, do I need to inform anyone?

Please email and provide a brief explanation. A member of the team will then respond as soon as they can with how you are best to proceed. 

Drivers are required to observe the rules as they would on any public street and parking restrictions apply as signposted.

Southern Cross University is a restricted parking area. Roadways and parking areas within the University are “roads and road-related areas” for the purposes of both the New South Wales and Queensland Road Rules and the Road Transport Legislation.

(NSW) Vehicles that are not parked in accordance with signage or the Road Rules shall be liable to the issue of a penalty notice, issued under the Self Enforcement Infringement Notice Scheme (SEINS). The penalty notice is currently processed by the State Debt Recovery Office, New South Wales Government. Fines are set by the State of New South Wales. A penalty notice will be given in accordance with Self Enforcement Infringement Notice Scheme requirements. An appeal against a penalty notice can be made to the Director, State Debt Recovery Office, New South Wales Government.

(QLD) Vehicles that are not parked in accordance with Queensland road rules and signage, you may receive a penalty/fine. These are issued by the Queensland Police Service and authorised officers from local councils using a traffic infringement penalty notice.

Rules and information on parking at a SCU Campus:

  1. Drivers park on campus at their own risk.
  2. You must park vehicle within marked bays.
  3. The following offences may result in an infringement notice being issued:
    • Parking in locations not designated as parking spaces; this includes lawns, gardens, footpaths, roadways, loading zones or zones marked as ‘no parking’;
    • Parking in a disabled space without displaying the correct permit;
    • Parking in bays marked for use by buses or taxis;
    • Parking in any reserved space without authority;
    • Causing an obstruction or safety concern;
    • No Student Parking on Lismore Campus between the hours of 8am & 5pm, Mon-Fri;
    • Students and Staff parking in a designated visitor/clinic patient carpark;
    • Parking on any roadway without authority;
    • Parking in a motorcycle parking space (unless motorcycle).
  4. There may be occasions when you will be requested not to enter Campus or to relocate your vehicle. Please ensure you comply with any instructions issued by Security.
  5. Motorcycle details must be registered but are not required to display a permit if it is at risk of falling off.

Note: The Security Office will provide an after hours escort to your vehicle if required.
If you require assistance or advice please contact the Security Office on 6620 3316 or 6620 3476.

Coffs Harbour: Please be aware parking in any of the car parks that are reserved for staff, visitors, disabled or other restricted parking (as signed) may result in a penalty/fine.

National Marine Science Centre: Please be aware parking in any of the car parks that are reserved for staff, visitors, disabled or other restricted parking (as signed) may result in a penalty/fine.

Gold Coast: The campus is located on land leased from the Gold Coast Airport. Wilson’s Security manages parking on behalf of the Gold Coast Airport and has the authority to issue infringements to cars parked contrary to signage.

Lismore: The campus is a restricted parking area as defined by NSW Road and Transport legislation. Please be aware parking contrary to signage may result in a fine.

Two free EV charging stations are available at all campuses, locations outline below. Parking is provided for charging only and vehicles should be relocated once charged. 

Coffs Harbour Education campus - car park below the Library building.

Gold Coast campus - directly in front of the Marque between Buildings A and C.

Lismore campus - next to the Security Gatehouse (Military Road entrance).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does a contractor or visitor require a SCU parking permit?

A. No, SCU parking permits (red & blue) are only for SCU staff, students and some selected tenants.

Q. Should I receive a confirmation email after submitting a Parking Permit Request?

A. No, you will not receive a confirmation email.

Q. Will a contractor or visitor's vehicle be towed if it does not have a parking permit displayed?

A. No, not unless there is a serious concern about the vehicle or the way it is parked.

Q. Does an online or remote student require a parking permit if they are coming to the site for a couple of days?

A. No. If they are onsite for numerous weeks/months then it would be recommended however if it is only for a couple of days then it is not required.

Q. What do students and staff need to do if they lose or damage their parking permit?

A. Contact Property Services who will provide advice on how to proceed.