Chemical storage and chemical waste disposal

Property Services currently operate the chemical storage and chemical waste disposal facility.


Property Services will store chemicals in the compound for further use by custodians. MSDS are to be supplied to Stores staff.

All chemicals are to be clearly marked 'FOR STORAGE' and have contents clearly listed.

Please call Stores on 73222 to advise of date and time for chemicals to be delivered.

Chemicals are to be stored in the appropriate designated areas (ie Class).

The chemical storage register (located on site chemical storage facility) is to be filled in stating custodian name, date, description of chemical and quantity. When collecting chemicals for use please ring Stores on 73222 to arrange suitable time for pickup. The register is to be filled out AGAIN stating custodian name, date, description of chemicals and quantity being taken.


Chemical waste is to be stored in Workcover approved chemical waste containers.

Chemical waste stickers (supplied from Stores) are to be filled out by the custodian (including class of chemical and contents) and attached to container.

Chemical waste forms are to be printed and filled out (hard copy) by the custodian and given to Stores upon delivery of waste.

Chemical waste will not be accepted if the waste stickers and chemical waste form have not been filled out appropriately.

Custodians need to contact Stores (via Archibus) to organise storage of chemicals (date & time of deliveries).

Chemical waste is disposed of biannually (or more depending upon amount of chemical waste). This is through an external contractor and the costs are charged back to the schools/departments where chemicals originated from.