Parking campus rules

The campuses are a 'Restricted Parking Area'.

Southern Cross University is a restricted parking area. Roadways and parking areas within the University are "roads and road-related areas" for the purposes of both the New South Wales and Queensland Road Rules and the Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Act 1999 (NSW). Drivers are required to observe the rules as they would on any public street and parking restrictions apply as signposted.

Vehicles that are not parked in accordance with signage or the Road Rules shall be liable to the issue of a penalty notice, issued under the Self Enforcement Infringement Notice Scheme (SEINS). The penalty notice is currently processed by the State Debt Recovery Office, New South Wales Government. Fines are set by the State of New South Wales. A penalty notice will be given in accordance with Self Enforcement Infringement Notice Scheme requirements. An appeal against a penalty notice can be made to the Director, State Debt Recovery Office, New South Wales Government.

Your attention is drawn to the following:

(1) Student Parking on campus is between the hours of 8am & 5pm, Mon-Fri.

(2) You MUST park wholly within marked bays.

(3) Drivers park on campus at their own risk.

(4) The following offences may result in an infringement notice being issued:

    • Parking elsewhere other than a marked space:
    • Parking on lawns or gardens
    • Parking in a disabled reserved space without authority
    • Parking on footpaths
    • Parking in any marked reserved space without authority
    • Parking in Bus/Taxi bay
    • Failing to display authorising sticker
    • Parking in no parking area
    • Visitor exceeding visitor space time limit
    • Causing an obstruction
    • Staff vehicle parked in visitor defined space
    • Parking in loading zones
    • Parking on any roadway without authority
    • Motorcycle parking space (unless motorcycle)

(5) There may be occasion for various reasons when you will be requested not to enter Campus or to relocate your vehicle.

(6) Motorcycle details must be registered. Motorcycles are not required to display a permit.

If you require assistance please do not hesitate to contact Security on 02 6620 3316 or 6620 3476.

Please note:

The Security Office will provide an after hours escort to your vehicle if required.

Parking forms and further information

Contact Security

If you require assistance with parking please contact:

Phone: 02 6620 3316 or 6620 3476