Parking overview

Parking forms

Contact Security

If you require assistance with parking please contact Security.

Parking is free at the Lismore, Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour Education Campus, and the National Marine Science Centre. All parking is available on a ‘search and find’ basis. There is no guarantee space will be available, particularly in the first four weeks of Session 1 which is our busiest time on campus.

Coffs Harbour Education campus: There are two student car parks both located on the right hand side of the campus at the Hogbin Drive entrance. In addition there are clearly marked staff and visitor allocations across the campus.

Gold Coast campus: There are 1,050 spaces surrounding our three buildings. In addition there is street parking available within 15 minutes’ walk of the Gold Coast campus, some of which have time limit restrictions. Please check street signage to ensure you are aware of any street parking restrictions.

Lismore campus: There are four student car parks, two at the entrance from Military Road, one at the entrance from Kellas Street, and one along Rifle Range Road. In addition there are clearly marked staff and visitor allocations across the campus.

Student and staff parking permits

Your car must be registered with the University and display a staff or student parking permit to access on-campus parking. Whilst motorcycle details must be registered also, motorcycles are not required to display a permit.

To obtain a permit or register your motorcycle fill in the Parking Permit Request and take it to:

  • Coffs Harbour: A Block Administration
  • Gold Coast: Student Hub, Ground Floor, Building A
  • Lismore: Security Gatehouse, Military Road
  • National Marine Science Centre: Administration Reception

Parking regulations

Drivers are required to observe the rules as they would on any public street and parking restrictions apply as signposted.

  1. Drivers park on campus at their own risk.
  2. Staff and Student vehicles must display a parking permit sticker.
  3. You must park wholly within marked bays.
  4. The following offences may result in an infringement notice being issued:
    • Parking in locations not designated as parking spaces; this includes lawns, gardens, footpaths, roadways, loading zones or zones marked as ‘no parking’;
    • Parking in a disabled space without displaying the correct permit;
    • Parking in bays marked for use by buses or taxis;
    • Parking in any reserved space without authority;
    • Failing to display a staff or student parking permit sticker;
    • Causing an obstruction or safety concern.
  5. There may be occasion when you will be requested not to enter Campus or to relocate your vehicle. Please ensure you comply with any instruction issued by Security.


Coffs Harbour: Please be aware parking in any of the car parks that are reserved for staff, visitors, disabled or other restricted parking (as signed) may result in a fine.

Gold Coast: The campus is located on land leased from the Gold Coast Airport. Wilson’s Security manage parking on behalf of the Gold Coast Airport and have the authority to issue infringements to cars parked contrary to signage. In addition they may infringe vehicles not displaying a Staff or Student Permit Sticker who are parked in the University car parks over weekends. As these infringements are issued on behalf of the Gold Coast Airport, the University has no authority to waive these infringements.

Lismore: The campus is a restricted parking area as defined by section 60 of the Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Act 1999 and the Road Transport (General) Act 1999. Please be aware parking contrary to signage may result in a fine.

Additional information

For additional information on travelling to Southern Cross University campuses including public transport options, cycling, walking and carpooling, go to the Travel to SCU page.