Is our Environment at threat of collapse?

Charles Massy believes we are at an extraordinary time in the history of humanity and earth. Humans have destroyed forests, increased the size of deserts and reduced the size of agricultural land.

Dr. Charlie Massy - NSW farmer, scientist and author of Call of the Reed Warbler
We are at an extraordinary time in the history of both humanity and Earth's. In that since the Industrial Revolution we have now post-1950 our activities as an industrial society driven by this great story we tell ourselves and all civilizations have a great story they tell themselves. Ours is this suicidal one of economic rationalism growth for the sake of growth which means endless destruction.

And so particularly say 1960s and 70s on that activity of destroying forests increase in the area of deserts agriculture was now desert.

Pumping up carbon as it's re-burning of coal and fossil fuel. We have this extraordinary earth with its nine interrelated systems that sustains this sort of very thin layer a film if you like around our planet that sustains these conditions for life. Our behavior post 2nd World War is destabilized all of those nine systems.

Terry McCosker - Founder & Director, Resource Consulting Services
Back through history over the last 10,000 years or so you will find civilizations that have collapsed all over the world and they generally collapse when agriculture collapses.

The root cause of all civilization collapses is is environmental damage so it's damage to the water cycle the hydrological cycle its erosion its land degradation its loss of food production often that then leads to things like civil wars and famines and diseases and so on which finishes things off but the root cause is environmental damage.

This is reality we're on a trajectory to nowhere right now and as a human race.

Tim Wright - Holistic Grazier "Lana" Uralla NSW
People wonder why we have tree dieback well a big part of that is the lack of ground cover there's a balance that we've got to try and learn. It's more complicated than than we can nearly comprehend. New England died back was caused from the imbalance. I think the main thing is that we recognize it's complex.

Dr. Charlie Massy
The only thing that's gonna save us is the wholism of regenerative agriculture. You could see that as the next phase for one of a better word the new organic revolution where we do if you like that full circle.

Like the indigenous organic mind back to where we see ourselves as not surviving without nurturing the substrate that sustains us which is Mother Earth and her systems and whether we're going to do that in time as we go up into the Anthropocene it is the question before us but we have to cling to hope and the big hope I see is this new movement of regenerative agriculture understanding of Earth System science and bringing a partnership with the urban consumer and the urban people that are getting into no sustainable energy and better food, healthier food and all that sort of thing.

Terry McCosker
It will change before it reaches disaster.

What the human race tends to do is go right to the brink almost of total collapse before it will change.