About the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance

Lorraine Gordon is the founder of the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance (RAA) and Director of Strategic Projects at Southern Cross University. Collaboration is absolutely the key to the regenerative agricultural movement. (1:02)

Lorraine Gordon Introduces the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance.

Collaboration is absolutely the key to the regenerative agricultural movement.

These are very complex problems that we're facing in Australia and globally in our landscapes in our communities everywhere.

We are going to need the smartest minds sitting around the table to be able to solve these problems and help our farmers to become resilient.

So the Regenerative Ag Alliance is bringing together the leading practitioners and leading researchers and academics around Australia with particular expertise in different areas of regenerative agriculture.

It's a very important piece of work and it's also important that the people that are part of the Alliance understand the power of collaborating and understand the power of working together and what that can do to bring about change.