Celebrating outstanding research

The 2022 Awards for Research Excellence

Message from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Academic Capability)

Presenting our 2022 Research Excellence Award recipients.

The innovations of tomorrow begin in the research of today. This year's research award recipients give great hope for tomorrow and inspiration to their colleagues and their communities.

Whether on our precious reefs or in our rivers, in schools or on farms, in hospitals, in care or in laboratories, from our local communities to the world, this is research that is transforming tomorrow.

Professor Mary Spongberg

Awards for research excellence

It’s been an exciting year for research at the University. The work of our researchers has attracted extraordinary amounts of funding and interest from around the globe. Researchers have collaborated with dozens of industry and other university partners, driving projects that span hemp to healthcare and coral to classrooms. Presenting the 2022 Southern Cross University Research Award recipients:

Early career researchers

Dr Kyle Bennett


Skill Acquisition, Expertise, Talent, Esports, Performance Analysis

Dr Peter James

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Emerging and re-emerging Infectious diseases, Primary healthcare, Traditional medicine

Dr Judith Rosentreter

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Greenhouse gas emissions, Coastal carbon cycling, Blue Carbon, Global upscaling

Mid-career researchers

Dr Chris Stevens

Chair of Discipline (Human Sciences)

Exercise Physiology, Sports Science, Environmental Physiology, Exercise Testing

Louise Phillips

Associate Professor

Curriculum and Pedagogy, Children's rights, Children's citizenship, Storytelling, Arts-based research

Michelle Neumann

Associate Professor

Early childhood education, English and literacy curriculum and pedagogy, Educational technology

Romy Lauche

Associate Professor

Yoga, Tai Chi, Research methods, Clinical trials, Systematic reviews, Naturopathy

Dr Daniel Harrison

Senior Lecturer

Biological Oceanography, Fisheries, Oceanography, Biogeochemistry, Coral Reef Restoration

Senior researchers

Kai Schulz

Associate Professor

Biological Oceanography, Conceptual Modelling, Ecological Impacts of Climate Change

Professor Brendan Kelaher

Brendan Kelaher


Aquatic Ecosystem Studies and Stock Assessment, Biological Oceanography

Professor Mark Hughes

Mark Hughes


Culture, Gender, Sexuality, Mental Health, Social Work, Ageing, Aged Care

Associate Professor Michael Kortt

Michael Kortt

Associate Professor

Health Economics, Local Government Economics, Social Economics

Outstanding contribution to impact


Professor Terry Rose

Terry Rose


Crop and Pasture Production, Soil Biology, Soil Sciences, Nutrient Cycling, Grain Research

Peter Harrison

Distinguished Professor

Environmental Science, Marine ecology, Coral reproduction ecology, Coral larval restoration

Tobias Kretzschmar


Crop and Pasture Production, Horticultural Crop Development, Plant Cell and Molecular Biology


Stuart Barlo


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Studies, Decolonising research, Indigenous research

Dr Kathomi Gatwiri

Associate Professor

African womanhood, Trauma informed practice, Anti-racist practice, Diasporic identities

Associate Professor Lynne Macpherson

Lynne Macpherson

Associate Professor

Clinical Social Work Practice, Social Work

Anne Graham


Education Systems, Policy and Administration, Sociology, Children and Young People's Rights

Inspiring researchers

Professor Damien Maher

Damien Maher


Professor Maher has an international reputation in the area of estuarine and coastal nutrient, carbon and greenhouse gas cycling and maintains an extensive collaborative network with scientists from over 40 institutions. He has an outstanding research performance with 151 journal articles in top international scientific journals. He supervises 7 PhD students, with 16 PhD completions, and 22 Honours completions.

Terry Rose


Professor Rose is Director of the Centre of Organics and has made a significant contribution to building our research partnership with the DPI and enabling of significant research funding. He is recognised internationally for his work on phosphorus and his research output includes publications in top international journals. He workes tirelessly to build the reputation of the University at all levels.

David Lynch


In late 2019, Professor David Lynch founded and launched the Faculty of Education’s TeachLab, focused on teacher education and teaching improvement. With an ambitious research agenda and program, TeachLab is quickly becoming a significant national teacher education and teaching improvement research entity. Professor Lynch is the Chair of Postgraduate Teacher Education at Southern Cross.

Michael Charles

Associate Professor

Michael has been an inspirational influence on the research culture of the Management Discipline for many years. In the past three years, he has successfully supervised over 11 HDR students to completion. He also conducts cross-disciplinary research in humanities, and is currently working on a Women in Technology Programs project with staff from the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

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