About us

Our projects focus on topics broadly linked to:

  • children and young people’s safety, care, protection and wellbeing;
  • children and young people’s participation in activities and decisions that impact on their lives (including research); and
  • the relevance, quality and effectiveness of programs and services designed to improve children and young people’s lives and circumstances.

Children and young people are involved not only as participants in our research but also collaborate in the design of our studies, advise on our progress, and co-develop outputs that are relevant for children and young people.

We work hard to develop and sustain collaborative partnerships with government, non-government and community agencies to deliver research and program evaluation that has high relevance and impact.

Impact and engagement are critically important aspects of our work. Our research is focused on generating knowledge that can inform policy and practice likely to improve children and young people’s lives.

Our research is widely disseminated through academic publications and made available through 'plain-English' research summaries, 'good-practice' guidelines, websites, education programs, professional learning workshops, conferences and various digital forms.

The work of the Centre is underpinned by the CCYP core prinicples File Type - PDF.

The Centre for Children and Young People is co-located with the SCU School of Education.