Bijayalakshmi Devi Nongmaithem

PhD candidate

Research Summary

image1_right Bijayalakshmi Devi Nongmaithem finished her undergraduate degree at the College of Fisheries, Central Agricultural University, Imphal, India. She had completed her master degree from Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Mumbai, India. She joined Southern Cross University in 2014 under a Marine Ecology Research Centre PhD Scholarship. Her PhD research project is on the topic "Can whelks contribute to food security and human health?" Her project aims to assess the potential for developing a whelk aquaculture industry in Australia and develop value-add gastropod resources in Australia and India. Her project has substantial implications for assessing the potential for creating a Muricidae industry in Australia from the existing molluscan aquaculture farms and promoting the functional food potential of whelks and its bioresources. Her PhD research project involves mollusc aquaculture industry survey in Australia and fishermen survey in India and also to undertake sensory analysis descriptions of the muricid flesh and investigate methods for processing Muricidae meat for export markets.

Principal Supervisor: Associate Professor Kirsten Benkendorff

Co-supervisor: Associate Professor Caroline Sullivan


2009-2011: Awarded ICAR Fellowship for Master studies in Central Institute of Fisheries Education (CIFE) by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), India.

2005- 2009- Recipient of MOBC Scholarships, Govt. of India

2014-2015: Marine Ecology Research Centre Scholarship for PhD research, Southern Cross University, NSW 2480



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"Study of fishers' livelihood and fisheries management in Loktak lake region of Manipur", Bijayalakshmi Devi Nongmaithem, Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Mumbai, India, 2011, Total Page 121

Conference presentations

Bijayalakshmi Devi Nongmaithem, Kirsten Benkendorff and Caroline Sullivan. 2014. Analysis of the Market performance and potential to value-add whelk (Muricidae) fisheries and aquaculture. Poster presented at the World Aquaculture Conference, Adelaide, June 2014.

Attended Symposium on "Farmers and Stakeholders in commercial Aquaculture" in Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Mumbai, India -2011.

Attended First International Congress of Bioeconomy, Lodz, Poland- 2012