Dr. Amanda Reichelt-Brushett

Dr. Amanda Reichelt-Brushett


Research Summary

Associate Professor Amanda Reichelt-Brushett has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Coastal Management from the University of New England - Northern Rivers, a Master of Science in Marine Chemistry from James Cook University (North Queensland) and a PhD in Marine Ecotoxicology from Southern Cross University. Amanda is a senior lecturer and has published in many scientific journals, presented her research findings at national and international conferences and co-authored a book chapter. She has 20 years experience in investigating human impacts on the environment.

Her research focus is based on enhancing our understanding of the sources, fate and consequences of contaminants in our environment and includes several subthemes:

  • ecotoxicology, bioindicators and holistic risk assessment approaches,
  • sediment and water quality assessment and management,
  • benthic community assessment,
  • sustainable practice, rehabilitation and restoration.

She has developed early life stage toxicity tests for corals and is currently working on developing toxicity tests for other tropical marine species, of which very few test methods are available. She has acted as advisor to landholder groups in PNG by providing expertise the assessment of the potential impacts of deep sea mine tailings disposal in coastal regions of PNG.

Awards and Distinctions

Prix Universite Blaise Pascal des etudiants (2014) The Videoformes digital art festival prize, Clermont-Ferrand, France for the collaborative project: "after | image" by G. Cooke (SASS), A. Reichelt-Brushett (SESE) and Michael Hill (SASS).

Shortlisted Excellence in Community Engagement Awards for Community Impact (2014) For the development of a professional development program to enhance quality in environmental sampling and analysis -Eastern Indonesia

Shortlisted Excellence in Community Engagement Awards for Leadership (2013) Leading research and training collaborations in environmental pollution issues associated with mercury waste from artisanal gold mining on Buru Island, Indonesia.

Shortlisted for the 2011 SCU Excellence in Community Engagement Awards for 2 sections Academic Impact and Leadership. Dr Amanda Reichelt-Brushett, School of Environmental Science and Management. For providing expertise as a witness in the National Court of Papua New Guinea to speak for landowners in an attempt to stop the disposal of mine tailings into the ocean and the Coral Triangle - a biodiversity hot spot.

Committee, Council, Board Membership

Appointment by Federal Minister Garrett to the review panel for Caring for Country Grants where ~$10M was allocated to projects. October/November 2010.

Appointment by Federal Minister Garrett to the review panel for Coastcare Small Grant where $10M was allocated to projects. October/November 2008.

Appointment by the Minister for Fisheries and the Minister for the Environment to the Cape Byron Marine Park Advisory Committee January 2003-December 2006.

Recent Grants

ARC LEIF 2014 ($366 251) Metal speciation for complex studies in changing environments. Infrastructure grant for HPLC-ICPMS Lead CI: Amanda Reichelt-Brushett, Cis: B. Eyre, E. Burton, S Johnston, C. Sanders.

ARC Linkage 2013 (ARC funding $354 740 total project value $2.65million) "Water, carbon, and economics: resolving complex linkages for river health" PI Caroline Sullivan CIs: Amanda Reichelt-Brushett, Doug Sheil, Isaac Santos, Kathryn Taffs, Kevin Glencross.

Co-Chief Investigator with Prof. Bradley Eyre in the successful ARC grant ($96 980) -Unravelling Pathways of nitrogen cycling in the sediments of shallow coastal systems using biomarkers, stable isotope tracer experiments and modelling.

Northern Rivers Catchment Management Authority -Sustainable Marine Resource Management. 2005 ($10 000) Develop a community awareness and education program to communicate the findings of a water quality study of stormwater outfalls draining the catchment of Lennox Head to local resident.

Cape Byron Marine Park Authority 2005 ($6000) Storm water assessment at Lennox Head -inputs into a Sanctuary Zone.

Postgraduate Research Co-supervision (present and past)

Honours: past and current

2003 Greg Wilkinson - Pasture grass survival after flooding
2004 Robert Hughes - Ecotoxicology of rocky shore species
2005 Joanne Green - Bio-indicators of water quality
2005 Ross Fuller - Nutrient removal from prawn farm effluent
2005 Chris Wilson - Benthic communities around Cook Island
2006 Ben Finn - Oyster breeding for QX resistance
2007 Nick Stanning - Oyster tolerance to temperature
2007 Lachlan Stace - Causes of swimmers itch in Shaws Bay
2009 Pelli MacMahon - Ecotoxicology of treatment bauxol™
2010 David Preston - Crayfish biology for aquaculture consideration
2011 Tiago Freire - Isoelectric points of Bauxite Refinery Residue
2012 James Black - (current student) Marine ecotoxicology
2013 Jann Gilbert -Trace metals and organic compounds in sharks
2013 Shaina Russell - Indigenous use of coastal resources and implications for Health
2014 Jannah Hardefeldt -Zinc partitioning between tissue and zooxanthellae of the anemone Aiptasia pulchella
2015 Rhys Watson (current) Bioaccumulation and depuration of metals in the Eastern Rock Lobster

Masters: past and current

Neil Gribble - Art science interactions in post-colonial Australia (Commenced 2014)
Ruth Owler - Fine Scale Biodiversity of Lennox Head Moat (Graduated 2012)
Yuval Kulinsky - Enhancing energy production in algae (Graduated 2011)
Ross Clark - Tropical Marine Ecotoxicology (50% research MSc Graduated 2010)
Simona Trimarchi - TBT contamination of sediments and oysters (50% Research MSc Graduated 2007)
Lisa Roberts - Impacts on corals (Graduated 2003)

PhD: past and current

Principal Supervisor
Cyntia Harayashiki - Mercury toxicity (commenced 2014)
Pelli Howe - Tropical Marine Ecotoxicology (graduated 2014)
Darren Akhurst - bioassessment of contamination in a water supply (graduated 2013)
Joanne Green - Salt marsh rehabilitation and restoration. (graduated 2010)

Sue Oeding - River quality assessment and management (commenced 2015)
James Black - Antarctic climate change impacts (UTas commenced 2014)
Frances Alexander - Ecotoxicology in Antarctica (commenced 2013)
Tiago Freire - Bauxite refinery residue chemistry (commenced 2012)
Kathryn Brown - Antarctic Ecotoxicology (current) Shane McGrath - Fish responses to impacts from catch and release fishing (graduated 2013)
Rumeaida Mat Piah - Ecology and suitability of pufferfish as biomonitors (Graduated 2012)



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