Dr Daniel Bucher

Dr Daniel Bucher 

BSc(Hons)(Melb), PhD(SCU)

Research Summary

Dr Bucher is a marine ecologist with particular interests in the biodiversity of subtidal habitats such as reefs and sediment. Another area of interest is the ageing and growth studies of marine species including fish, worms and molluscs.

Recent Grants/Research Consultancies

  • 2012: $159,000 from Gladstone Ports Corporation to monitor the health of a mangrove stand adjacent to port developments.
  • 2011: $2500 from Broadwater Sugar Milling Cooperative for identification of invertebrates and fish larvae in cooling water outlet stream of a biomass electricity generator.
  • 2011: $6380 from NSW DPI to top-up a PhD scholarship to study bass restocking of the Snowy River.
  • 2010: $4500 from Connell-Wagner Consultants to provide quality assurance and statistical analyses of seagrass and benthic community data collected for a monitoring program for Tallawarra Power Station.
  • 2009: $40000 from NSW DPI to support a PhD scholarship to study bass restocking of the Snowy River.
  • 2008: SCU collaborative Research Grant: ($15,000 from SCU and $10,000 from NSW Marine Parks Authority): Mapping of sediment invertebrate biodiversity in Cape Byron Marine Park.

Current Postgraduate and honours Students


Reny Herlindah (AusAid scholarship - Indonesia), resource usage of the Mahakam Delta Kalimantan, Indonesia

Roslizawati Ab.Lah (Malaysian Government scholarship), Pollution stress effects on crustacean immunology

Mateus Baronio (International Postgraduate Research Scholarship - IPRS Brazil - under examination) SCUBA diving impacts on shark behaviour using a remotely operated vehicle

Rozan Hammerton (Australian Postgraduate Award - APA), SCUBA diver behaviour and environmental impacts

Arthur Schultz (APA), Baited Camera studies of sediment fishes in the Solitary Islands marine Park

Leo Cameron (PhD - scholarship and project funded by I&I Fisheries), restocking of bass in the Snowy River

Jesse Leland (APA) post capture stress in commercial crustaceans

Toby Piddocke (SCUPRS) Ecology of subtropical populations of mangrove jack

Jennifer Marshall, environmental influences on sediment invertebrate assemblages


Brad Mackay (I&I NSW) Movement pattern of catfish in the Clarence River

Darren Reynolds (responding to examiners) Post-capture survival of bream and mulloway

Postgraduate and honours completions


Rumeaida Mat Piah (PhD) Ecology of estuarine pufferfish

Clement Akumu (PhD) GIS mapping of sea level impacts on coastal wetlands

Katie Elsley (M.Env.Sci.) Flurochrome staining of holothurians


Michela Mitchell (MSc) Aspects of southern Australian anemone taxonomy

Matt Davis (M.Mar.Sci.Man.) Benthic communities off Cape Byron, NSW

Nicola Brookhouse (Honours) Fish feeding by tourists at Lord Howe Island: extent of the activity and health of the fish

Elisabeth Manning (Honours) Turtle Ecology at Lord Howe Island

Malcolm Fernance (Honours) Age and growth patterns of a murray cod population subject to restocking.


Yuval Kulinsky (MSc) The effects of nitrogen deprivation on fatty acid production in laboratory-cultured diatoms

Robert McKenzie (Honours) Sessile community development on artificial reefs in NSW estuaries

David Preston (Honours) Larval development and feeding ecology of the riffle shrimp Paratya strigata


Lexie Walker (MSc) Taxonomic revision of the genus Polydora (Polychaetea: Spionidae)

Kay Dimmock (PhD) Comfort in recreational SCUBA diving

Jesse Leland (Honours) Age and Growth of giant Australian Beachworms Australonuphus spp.


Mateus Baronio (MSc) Motile reef cryptofauna recruiting to artificial habitats in the Cape Byron Marine Park

Benjamin Kendall (MSc) Biology of two species of mullet from the Sydney region

David Adams (Honours) Soft Sediment invertebrate assemblages of Cape Byron Marine Park

Arthur Schultz (Honours) Fish assemblages of kelp reefs in and around Cape Byron Marine Park

2007 and prior years

2007: Rozan Hammerton (Honours) Fish assemblages of Julian Rocks, Cape Byron Marine Park

2006: Chris Davies (Honours) Age and Growth and reproductive biology of beachworms, Australonuphis teres

2005: Sam Stone (Honours) The Subtidal Benthic Macrofauna Communities of Moreton Bay and the Impacts of Prawn Trawling

2005: Caroline Berry (MEnvSci) Behavioural responses of sharks to marine mammal vocalisations.

2004: Shantele Ianna (Honours) The Effectiveness of a Baited Remote Underwater Video (BRUV) to Monitor Estuarine Fish Populations in the Lower Richmond River Estuary

2004: Heath Folpp (Honours) Environmental Factors Affecting Recreational Catch Rates Associated with a fish Aggregating Device FAD: Implications for the Management of a Recreational FAD Fishery off NSW Australia.

2004: Nishan Perera (MEnvSci) Reef fish associated with subtropical kelp beds

2003: Gavin Butler (Honours) Age, growth and Telemetric Tracking of the Eastern Freshwater Cod, Maccullochella ikei (Pisces: Percichthyidae) within the Mann-Nymboida River System, NSW

2003: Kim Wilson (Honours) Reproductive Biology of the Eastern Fiddler Ray (Trygonorrhina Sp. A), and the Eastern Shovelnose Ray (Aptychtrema rostrata), in New South Wales

2002: Sally Kirkpatrick (Honours) Preliminary Studies of the Taxonomy and Photo-Biology of Shallow Intertidal Sponges of Northern NSW


Manuscripts for the journals Aquaculture and Asian Fisheries Science

Research Grants Council, Hong Kong

PhD Theses for University of Queensland and University of Technology Sydney.

Professional Societies

Australian Coral Reef Society
Malacological Society of Australasia

Undergraduate Teaching

BIO00232 Coastal Marine Ecosytems (2nd year, unit assessor)
BIO00105 Fisheries Biology (2nd year, unit assessor)
BIO10127 Coral Reefs on the Edge (3rd year, co-lecturer)
SCI00211 Integrated Project (supervisor)
Course Coordinator Bachelor of Marine Science and Management


Refereed Journal Articles and Refereed Conference Proceedings

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Cameron, L. Baumgartner, L., Bucher, D. and Robinson, W. (accepted Feb 2012) Optimising chemical marking techniques for Australian Bass (Macquaria novemaculata) fry and fingerlings priot to restocking. Aust. J. Zool. MS ZO11043.

Cameron, L. Baumgartner, L., Bucher, D. and Robinson, W. (accepted Jan 2012) Critical thermal minima (CTmin) of Age-0 Australian bass, Macquaria novemaculata, fingerlings: implications for stocking programs. Fish. Manag. and Ecol.

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