Hilton Swan

Hilton SwanPhD Candidate

Research Summary

I have an undergraduate degree in biotechnology from UTS and a master's degree from UNSW that was awarded for research that identified and quantified volatile organic compound (VOCs) emitted from a high-strength wastewater treatment facility as a means to objectively assess odour. This research project was carried out in conjunction with wastewater engineering strategies to abate an odour problem. My interest in VOCs analysis was later directed towards the marine boundary layer when I worked on a project to assist the CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research develop suitable methods to quantify atmospheric dimethylsulfide (DMS) at Cape Grim in NW Tasmania. This work led to a fascination with the role that DMS plays in the cycling of sulfur in the biosphere, its sea-air exchange, the formation of secondary organic aerosol and its ability to affect cloud properties and potentially climate.

I'm presently furthering this interest towards a PhD with SCU by studying DMS emission from the Great Barrier Reef. My research is mainly directed towards improving the understanding of coral reefs as sources for emission of DMS to the atmosphere.