Tarek B Ahmad

Tarek B Ahmad

B.Sc (Medical Laboratory Technology),M.Sc (Biotechnology), PhD candidate

Research Summary

Tarek AHMAD completed his undergraduate study in Medical Laboratory Technology at Misurata's Medical Technology College in Libya in 2006. Soon after his graduation, he was awarded a demonstrator position in the college teaching the practical part of 4 subjects: Medical Pathology, Haematology for the 3rd year students and Haematology and Blood Bank and Diagnostic Microbiology for the 4th year students. In 2012, he completed his Master degree in Biotechnology at University of Wollongong, Wollongong NSW which was supported by a scholarship award from the Libyan Government. In addition, his PhD is also supported by the Libyan Government.

Tarek's PhD project will investigate the anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic activity of marine mollusc extracts. He will be working on the predatory marine gastropod Dicathais orbita a species known to produce brominated compounds with anti-cancer properties. The overall aim of this project is toassess the potential for developing a nutraceutical from Muricidae molluscs, based on their anti-protozoan and the anti-inflammatory activity. The specific objectives are:

  1. Preparation of organic extracts from the haemolymph, flesh, mucus and hypobranchial glands of Dicathais orbita and isolate the brominated indoles for comparative chemical analysis and bioactivity screening.
  2. Screen the extracts and purified compounds for anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant activity in a range of in vitro assays.
  3. Screen the extracts and the purified compounds for in vitro anti-malarial activity and anti-trypanosome activity.
  4. Isolate the ciliate protozoan from the egg capsule or hypobranchial glands of Dicathais orbita and develop an assay for anti-protozoan testing using the bioactive extracts.

Tarek started his PhD at SCU in January 2014.

Supervisors: Dr. Kirsten Benkendorff, and Dr. Ben Liu