Dr Chamindra Vithana




2014 - PhD (SCU)- "Assessment and behaviour of secondary iron(III) minerals in acid sulfate soil materials"

2009 - Master of Science (Research)- Monash University, Australia -"Microbial activity associated nutrient release from the sediments of the Ornamental Lake, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, Australia"

2004 - Bachelor of Science (BSc) - University of Sri Jayawardenapure (USJP, Sri Lanka)

E: chamindra.vithana@scu.edu.au

Research interests / background

My primary research interest is on understanding the various geochemical processes in terrestrial and aquatic environments. I would also like to apply my knowledge to understand and to address the water quality hazards faced by both terrestrial and aquatic environments.

Key Research Interests:

  • Acid sulfate soils
  • Arsenic and other heavy metals in soil materials and plants
  • Effect of climate change on geochemistry of terrestrial environments
  • Nitrogen and phosphorus cycling in natural environments
  • Soil carbon and carbon cycling in natural environments


Journal articles


Vithana C.L., Sullivan L.A., Shepherd T. (2017). Effect of schwertmannite and jarosite on the formation of hypoxic blackwater during inundation of grass material. Water Research, 124C: 1-10.


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Vithana C.L., Sullivan L.A., Bush R.T., Burton E.D. (2015). Schwertmannite in soil materials: Limits of detection of acidified ammonium oxalate method and differential X-ray diffraction. Geoderma 249-250: 51-60. (2012 ERAID 5257- FOR 05)


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Vithana C.L., Sullivan L.A., Bush R.T., Burton E.D. (2013) Acidity fractions in acid sulfate soils and sediments: contributions of schwertmannite and jarosite. Soil Research 51(3) 203-214 (2012 ERA 5248 - FOR MD)

Conference Proceedings


Vithana C.L., Johnston S.G. (2017) Partitioning and mobility of coprecipitated Cu and Sb in schwertmannite after thermal transformation. In Proceedings of 14th ICOBTE 2017 Conference. 16th-20th July 2017, ETH University, Zurich, Switzerland.


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