Analytical Facilities

SCPS Analytical is a TGA licensed contract analytical laboratory, providing specialist capabilities in applied phytochemistry, crop quality and herbal medicine quality control.


  • Bioassay guided fractionation
  • Isolation and structure elucidation of pure compounds
  • Reverse engineering of flavours, fragrances and herbal complexes

Plant Analysis

  • Authentication of herbal raw materials including extracts
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of active/marker compounds in herbs, nutraceuticals and nutritional supplements
  • Essential oils
  • Fixed (fatty acid) oils
  • Physical testing of plant raw materials
  • Chemical and physical analysis of common formulatory excipients
  • ORAC (anti-oxidant) testing
  • Method development and validation
  • Inorganic compound determination

Stability Testing

  • Formulated products and raw materials at a variety of temperatures and humidity controlled environments

Additional Analyses