Kellie Shepherd

Kellie Shepherd

Research Associate

t: +61 2 6622 3211
f: +61 2 6622 3459

BSc (Hons) (University of Queensland)
MSc Biochemistry (University of Queensland)


Prior to joining SCPS Kellie gained extensive research experience working in a number of different laboratories; including university, commercial and industry based laboratories in the medical, plant and soil fields. She worked on a NHMRC funded project investigating malaria-red blood cell interactions on which her Master's thesis was based, a Queensland Cancer Council project investigating the cancer causing effects of alcohol and SRDC projects examining the potential of transgenic sugarcane and colorants in raw sugar. Whilst at SCPS she has worked on an ARC milk odour project correlating farm practices to milk volatiles, a CRC Sugar Industry Innovation through Biotechnology project involved in the isolation and characterisation of enzyme inhibitory compounds, a RIRDC project, involved in characterisation of green coffee bean quality markers, as well as a CRC project looking in unique compounds found in bush tomatoes. Kellie has experience across a broad range of analytical techniques used at SCPS, particularly LC/LCMS and GC/GCMS, sample preparation and compound isolation and bioassays including enzyme, anti-oxidant activity, anti-inflammatory and cytotoxicity assays.



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Conference Abstracts

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