Dr Abdul Baten

Abdul Baten

Research Fellow

t: +61 2 6620 3406
f: +61 2 6622 2080
e: abdul.baten@scu.edu.au

BSc. in Computer Science
PhD in Bioinformatics (University of Melbourne)

Research interests/background

Baten completed his PhD in Bioinformatics and Machine Learning from the University of Melbourne in 2009 and prior to that he completed his B.Sc. degree in Computer Science. He then worked at the Centre for Comparative Genomics (CCG) of Murdoch University where he worked in the wheat genome sequencing project. This was followed by a three years postdoctoral fellowship (Nov 2009-2012) at the University of Western Australia where he worked in the Centre for Diabetes Research (CDR) of The Western Australian Institute for Medical Research (WAIMR). Baten's current research focus is the bioinformatics methods and the application of next generation sequencing in genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics and metagenomics domain of various plants and animals. He is currently focusing on the denovo assembly and annotation of Macadamia, Corymbia and B. rapa R-o-18 genomes. Baten is also working with methods and databases to integrate genetic and omics data into a common framework, which will facilitate analysis, visualization and navigation of genetic data and omics data from multiple platforms. SCPS bioinformatics projects


  • $1,250,000. Grains Research and Development Corporation “A consortium approach to assessing risk and biological impacts of herbicides in the grains industry” (2013-2017) (Dr L. van Zwieten, Dr M. Rose, Dr N. Seymour, Dr G. McGrath, Dr T. Vancov, Dr T. Rose, Dr A. Baten, Mr S. Kimber, Prof. I. Kennedy, Dr A. Crossan, Dr T. Cavagnaro, Ms A. Jenkins)
  • $5,000 SCU SEED research grant (2015) "Integrating genomic and genetic data to harness wheat improvement" (Dr. Abdul Baten, Professor Graham King)
  • $185,000. Horticulture Innovation Australia (2015-2019) "Establishing an open- source platform for unravelling the genetics of Macadamia: integration of linkage and genome maps " (Dr. Dr Catherine Nock, Dr. Abdul Baten, Prof. Graham King)
  • $66,000. Wound management innovation CRC (2015-2018) "Diabetic ulcers: Biofilm and treatment therapies " (A. Professor Kirsten Benkendorff, Dr. Abdul Baten, Dr. Joanne Bradbury, Dr. Paul Butterworth)
  • $10,000 SCU SEED research grant (2016) "CropSoreDB for post-genomic integration of major crop datasets: a public-domain resource to integrate wheat trait and (epi-)genome" (Dr. Abdul Baten, Professor Graham King)


  • Butler JB, Freeman JS, Potts BM, Vaillancourt RE, Grattapaglia D, Silva OB, Simmons BA, Healey AL, Schmutz J, Barry KW, Lee DJ, Henry RJ, King GJ, Baten A, Shepherd M (2018) Annotation of the Corymbia terpene synthase gene family shows broad conservation but dynamic evolution of physical clusters relative to EucalyptusHeredityIn press

  • Calvert, J., Baten, A., Butler, J., Barkla, B., and Shepherd, M. “Terpene synthase genes in Melaleuca alternifolia: comparative analysis of lineage- specific subfamily variation within Myrtaceae”, Plant Systematics and Evolution (2017), DOI: 10.1007/s00606-017-1454-3

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  • Das, A., Ahmed, O., Baten, A., Bushra, S., Islam, T., Sabah, A., Islam, R., and Khan, H. Draft Genome Sequence of Grammothele lineata SDL-CO-2015-1, a Jute Endophyte with a Potential for Paclitaxel Biosynthesis”, Genome Announcements (2017), DOI: 10.1128/genomea.00825-17

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  • Baten, A., Ngangbam, A. K., Waters, D., Benkendorff, K. (2016) "Transcriptome of the Australian mollusc Dicathais orbita provides insights in the biosynthesis of indoles and choline esters" Marine Drugs (2016) 14(7), 135; doi:10.3390/md14070135
  • Jeong, K; Baten, A; Waters, D; Pantoja, O; Julia, C; Wissuwa, M; Heuer, S; Kretzschmar, T; Rose, T (2016) "Phosphorus remobilisation from rice flag leaves during grain filling: an RNA-seq study" Plant Biotechnology Journal (2016) DOI: 10.1111/pbi.12586
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Student supervision

  • Amin Ibrahim

 PhD project: Bioinformatic approaches to unravel epigenetic basis of crop plasticity

  • Liliana Andres

 PhD project: Knowledge representation and database integration to facilitate genetic analysis and development of underutilised crop plants

  • Sadaf Naz

 Masters by research project: Development of interactive statistical modules to explore diverse crop phenotypic data

  • Jeanette Travis (Co-supervising with Dr Kirsten Benkendorff)

PhD project: Diabetic Ulcers-Investigation of biofilms and antimicrobial therapies

  • Ajit Kumar Ngangbam (Co-supervised with Dr Kirsten Benkendorff) (Completed in 2016)

PhD project: Putative role for bacterial symbionts in the biosynthetic origin of Tyrian purple in Dicathais orbita, a Muricidae mollusc.