Matt Welling

Matt Welling

PhD Candidate

t: +61 6620 3576

BEnvSc (Southern Cross University)
BClnSc (Southern Cross University)

Research interests/background

Matthew recently completed his Bachelor Degree in Environmental Science with First Class Honours, University Medal and publication at Southern Cross University, and he is now enrolled as a PhD candidate at Southern Cross Plant Science under the supervision of Prof. Graham J. King and Dr Lei Liu where he is continuing his research into the genomic characterisation of cannabinoid composition in Cannabis.

Matthew aims to explore the complex genotype to chemical phenotype relationships in Cannabis using advanced analytical techniques such as high-performance liquid chromatography mass-spectrometry coupled with high-throughput DNA sequencing and bioinformatic analyses. He also has an interest in characterising the allelic variation governing cannabinoid compositional variation in Cannabis as means of examining the phylogeny between geographically and chemically diverse subtaxa. In addition, Matthew's research interests are also focused on the accumulation of therapeutically relevant secondary metabolites in other plants and the influence that ecological interactions have on the upregulation and biosynthesis of these compounds.


Journal Articles

  • Welling, M. T., Liu, L., Shapter, T., Raymond, C. A., King G. J. (2016). Characterisation of cannabinoid composition in a diverse Cannabis sativa L. germplasm collection. Euphytica, 208, 463-475. doi: 10.1007/s10681-015-1585-y.
  • Welling, M. T., Liu, L., Rose T. J., Waters, D. L. E., Benkendorff, K. (2016). Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi: effects on plant terpenoid accumulation. Plant Biology, 18, 552-562. doi: 10.1111/plb.12408.