Priyakshee Borpatra Gohain

Priyakshee Borpatra Gohain

PhD Candidate

t: +61 6620 3576

BSc in Agriculture (Assam Agricultural University, India)
MSc in Plant Breeding & Genetics (Assam Agricultural University, India)

Research interests/background

During my Master's degree, my research focused on the nitrogen use efficiency of Indian rapeseed (Brassica rapa).

I commenced my PhD in 2015. My PhD project focuses on the interaction between sulphur nutrition and glucosinolate accumulation of Indian mustard (B. juncea). Brassicas can produce higher amounts of glucosinolates which are sulphur rich secondary plant metabolites having wide range of positive attributes in the context of food production and human nutrition. There is strong evidence for increased glucosinolate content resulting from enhanced sulphur nutrition, which suggests the potential for modulation of glucosinolates by altering sulphur nutrition. To understand the genetic x environmental (sulphur) contributions to glucosinolate variations, I am using double haploid mapping populations of high and low glucosinolate lines of B. juncea. I am also interested development of aphid resistance in brassicas by manipulating the accumulation of glucosinolates.

PhD project funded by: Southern Cross Plant Science Centre, Australian Mustard Oil Pvt Ltd., Austalia and DBT-AAU Centre, Assam Agricultural University, India.

Supervisors: Prof. Graham J. King and Assoc. Prof. Terry Rose.


Researchgate profile: Priyakshee Gohain ResearchGate


  • Gohain P., King J. G., Baten A., Rose J. T. (2015). Detecting candidate tissue specific signals in cis-regulatory regions of Brassica glucosinolate genes. ComBio, September, 2015, Melbourne. Poster.
  • Chutia J., Barua P., Gohain P. (2012). Genetic Variation for nitrogen use efficiency in Indian rapeseed and Mustard. National seminal on Plant genetic research for Eastern and North Eastern India, Meghalaya, India. Poster.