PhD Projects at SCPS

We welcome enquiries from any eligible candidates who wish to pursue a specific project within the research areas of Southern Cross Plant Science.

The following outlines specific project areas currently available.

  • Cereal and oilseed grain composition, quality: protein, phospholipids; starch; oil; other nutritional components
  • Brassica crop genetics, genomics and pre-breeding
  • Rice genetics, genomics, and pre-breeding
  • Rice grain storage proteins and their impact on rice eating quality.
  • Proteomics of under-utilized, alternative crops to understand abiotic stress tolerance
  • Brassica crop proteomics
  • Brassica seed protein, mustard oil and phytate composition
  • Genotype x Environment interactions - from trait to gene
  • Arable crop abiotic stress (eg salt stress, water stress)
  • Arable crop nutrition
  • Impact of N fertilizer on rice grain storage proteins.
  • Mitigation of Green House Gasses in agriculture
  • Use of legume cover crops reduce nitrous oxide emissions compared to nitrogen fertilisers
  • Ammonia and nitrous oxide losses from chicken manure.
  • Essential oil production: agronomy, purification, chemical analysis, genetic improvement
  • Characterisation of hemp genetic resources and improvement of industrial hemp germplasm
  • Crop-and GIS-based interactive database development for Crop Genetics and pre-breeding.
  • Plant comparative genomics.
  • Genetic resource management and characterisation
  • Plantation tree genetics and genomics (eg fruits, nuts, coffee, tea, tea-tree)
  • Genetic consequences of planting hybrid eucalypts for forestry
  • Crop and forest tree domestication, phylogenetics and gene flow, including landscape studies
  • Medicinal plant Herbarium, Herbarium management and characterisation.
  • Industrial hemp genetics: contact Prof Graham King