PhD Scholarships at SCPS

Scholarships Currently Available

* New scholarship opportunities will be listed here soon.

For all Applications, please send these by email to the relevant member of academic staff listed above and include: full CV including contact details of two referees + a covering letter. This should indicate under the following headings (max 200 words each): A. Motivation for carrying out postgraduate study, referring to your understanding and expectations of what an MSc or PhD training provides and involves; B. Why you chose Southern Cross University and Plant Science; C. Why you are interested in the specific Project; D. the background academic and/or technical expertise you bring to the project.

Further information about scholarships:

Enrol online at SCU

Course codes:

  • MSc: 1257251
  • PhD: 1407253

For more information please contact:

Dr Bronwyn Barkla
t: (02) 6620 3159

Professor Graham King
t: (02) 6620 3410