Research summary

Brassica crops are of worldwide importance for trade and human diet, providing a wide range of vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Chinese cabbage and pak choi as well as the major oilseed crop canola and condiment mustards.

Graham King has developed and characterised a range of Brassica genetic and genomic resources underpinning crop improvement traits. These have including reference mapping populations, linkage maps and detailed analysis of QTL for physiological and developmental traits, and resistance to diseases.

Key experimental platforms include genome sequences, as part of the Multinational Brassica rapa Sequencing Consortium, and initiating (with colleagues in the UK) development of Diversity Fixed Foundation Sets (DFFS). Advances in understanding the genetic basis of crop traits requires detailed knowledge of the complex genome structure of Brassica species. Ongoing work includes integration of information to allow navigation via comparative genomics from genetics loci to chromosome, and development of crop genetics databases.

Current research interests include:

  • Understanding the domestication events and progenitors of the polyploid canola (B. napus)
  • Genomic distribution and modulation of epigenetic marks affecting agronomic traits
  • Epigenetic regulation of reproductive organs
  • Genotype x Environment interactions, with focus on mineral nutrition
  • Modulation and metabolic pathway engineering of health-beneficial glucosinolates

Funding / collaborators

  • Dr Martin Broadley, U. Nottingham, UK
  • Professor Mike Wilkinson, U. Adelaide
  • Dr John Hammond, U. Western Australia
  • Dr Sue Armstrong, U. Birmingham, UK
  • Dr Smita Kurup, Rothamsted Research, UK
  • Professor Jinling Meng, Dr Jing Wang, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China

Research outcomes

  • Brassica rapa genome sequence
  • Epigenetic map of canola genome
  • Genetic resolution of seed oil fatty acid pathways
  • Genetic regulatory networks associated with mineral nutrition
  • Insights into developmental timeline of seed embryo

Delivery of research


Professor Graham King:


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