Medicinal cannabis research tip of the iceberg

Professor Graham King

We know that there's key regulatory systems within the human brain which interact with this class of chemicals called cannabinoids.

Within cannabis the plant there's a huge range of different forms of cannabinoids and we've only really at the moment got to the tip of the iceberg.

My background is as a plant geneticist and somebody who's been working alongside plant breeders for the last thirty years and we brought some of the expertise approaches and knowledge from other plants and we're now trying to understand the variation within cannabis plants and genetic resources.

The evidence from trials so far is that it has been successful in those situations and so there are two pharmaceutical products on the market and those have been successful in in treating of childhood epilepsy and also for the retreat treatment of nausea.

We will have many opportunities for future HDR students to come and study with us to study not just the chemistry but also the genetics and how to understand quality control in a situation where parts contribute directly in the medicinal field.