eResearch is the application of advanced information and communications technology (ICT) to the practice of research. Key areas include collaboration, computation (including high-performance computing), visualisation, research data management and tools.

Why use eResearch?

The use of eResearch services facilitates across discipline collaboration in addition to the creation and sharing of knowledge. eResearch includes technologies for research data capture, management and visualisation that accelerate and disseminate research discoveries. eResearch applications also enable management of research data assets both for the medium and longer-term - these data assets enhance the reputation of the researcher, the institution and also return value to the community. Access to appropriately managed and reusable datasets is important for the formation of collaborative research relationships and is becoming essential to competitive grant applications.

eResearch Tools and Resources

Research data management

Research data management encompasses the collection, organisation, management, storage, preservation and sharing of research data during and beyond the term of a research project.

Research data can be loosely defined as the factual records of evidence produced during or arising from, research - e.g. data files, records, observations, findings, analyses, questionnaires etc. Data may occur in any format - e.g. field notebooks, digital text, image, audio or audiovisual files, samples or specimens.

Intersect Australia

Southern Cross University is an associate member of Intersect Australia, a not-for-profit organisation with a membership of the majority of the NSW Universities. Intersect supports its members by providing a number of subsidised Research IT services to researchers. Researchers at Southern Cross University have access to the following services (fees apply):

Consultation and advice Get help working out what software, hardware or tools you might need, where to access them, and how much you might need to budget for them.  See Research IT Planning
Training On-site courses ranging from Excel Fu (Excel for Researchers) to advanced parallel programming. Visit Training for details.
Research data storage Confidently store, retrieve and share large amounts of data stored in a high-security data centre with multiple backup copies.
Grants application assistance Make your grant application more competitive with support from Intersect's Grant Assistance.  Be more competitive with in-kind contributions and letters of support, a data management plan, or assistance scoping of the IT component of a proposal.
Cloud computing Access to Intersect's Cloud Computing.  Virtual machines of up to 64 cores for heavy-duty computing. Free access to virtual machines with up to 16 cores. Perfect for web-servers, crunching through small to medium-sized data sets, and remote collaboration.
High-performance computing Access to 'Orange' our 1,600 core HPC system, or 'Raijin' Australia's largest HPC facility with over 56,000 cores.
Software engineering Development of research focussed web and mobile applications for data collection, web-based collaboration, complex workflows and data visualisation.  See Software Engineering for more information.