SCU Research Equity Initiatives

Southern Cross University recognises that academic careers can be significantly affected by periods of parental leave and by sustained caring responsibilities for children, partners or dependent family members.  

Timelines relating to research are usually developed long before parental leave or carer’s leave is applied for, and researchers are often they are highly motivated to progress their research during and directly after parental leave. Some researchers also experience difficulties re-establishing their research following long periods of leave.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) has implemented three Research Equity Initiatives to help address these issues:

SCU Research Equity Fellowship Applications due to DVCR.Internalgrants@scu.edu.au 21 June 2021

Eligible researchers (see section 5 of the Guidelines) whose careers have been significantly disrupted by child rearing or other carer responsibilities may apply for one of three funding options: teaching or replacement of administrative duties for up to 6 months full time or 1 year part-time; funding to support research costs; or a PhD stipend (this option is only available to researchers who are registered as ‘Category 1’ Higher Degree by Research supervisors with the Graduate School).

See the SCU Research Equity Fellowship Guidelines and Application and Proforma Statement of Support for further information.

SCU Parental Leave Grants  Applications may be submitted year round.

Eligible researchers (see section 5 of the Guidelines) who have either taken 20 weeks; parental leave within the last two years (with the last period of leave ending in the last 6 months) or have a minimum of 20 weeks planned parental leave commencing within six months may apply for research support of up to $10,000 to make arrangements for maintenance of their research while on leave, accelerate their research prior to planned leave or to restart their research more quickly upon return from leave.

See the SCU Parental Leave Fund Guidelines and Application Form for further information.

 SCU Research Re-establishment Grants Applications may be submitted year round.

To be eligible to apply for this support, researchers must be able to demonstrate events or circumstances that have significantly disrupted their research career and impacted their ability to produce research. The eligibility criteria have intentionally been left broad so as to cover (e.g.) injury, illness, sustained effects of natural disasters, numerous relocations or having held a position with high administrative load, as well as carer’s responsibilities and return from parental leave which are addressed by this scheme as well as the other two Research Equity Initiatives.

See the SCU Research Re-establishment Grants Guidelines and Application Form.

Please note: all of the above linked forms are PDF fillable forms and applicants, and those providing supporting statements, should ideally download a copy of the form locally and complete in Adobe as some programs which may enable the documents to be opened (e.g. Firefox) do not support the completed forms to be saved/signed.