External Research Grant Applications Process

IMPORTANT: Please contact the Grants Team as early as possible to advise about your potential grant application or to ask any questions about the process.

This applies to all Expressions of Interest (for research projects), Preliminary Research Proposals, Full Research Proposals, on-line submissions, research tenders etc. where you are named as a participant, including those submitted by another university. The Grant Application Process Flowchart (pdf) outlines the Southern Cross University submission process.

Step 1: Inform Grants Team

Please inform the Southern Cross University Grants Team of all Southern Cross University grant submissions at the application phase, i.e. prior to submission.


Notify the Grants Team with some basic details of your proposal.


The Grants Team can support you with process, deadlines, approvals, applicable fees, certifications and other relevant information. Further details are provided at Grants Team Services.

Step 2: Get Approval

All research grants submitted by Southern Cross University researchers (through Southern Cross University or another university) must be approved in advance and in writing by your Head of School / Research Centre Director.


Complete a Project Pre-approval Form (pdf), obtain Head of School/ Research Centre Director signature and forward to the Office of Research prior to the submission of the grant application.


This ensures the Head of School/ Research Centre Director supports the application and has approved all Southern Cross University cash and in-kind contributions.

Step 3: Submit

Southern Cross University Researchers must notify the Grants Team of any research grant, tender or project they are working on. The researcher will then be advised whether they can submit the application directly to the Funding Body, or whether there is a requirement by the Funding Body or the University for the submission to be lodged centrally. Either way, the researcher must provide a copy of the final submitted application.


Email the Grants Team a copy of your final application, as submitted to the funding body, with all attachments.


The submission will be entered in Southern Cross University's Research Management System (IRMA) where it is tracked and included in data required for reporting. If your proposal is successful, the Research Services Team can begin the contracting process using information in your application.