Funding Application FAQs

Project Pre-approval Form (pdf) must be completed and lodged with the Grants and Contracts Team prior to the submission of any external research grant application at Southern Cross University. This form summarises contributions from your Faculty or Centre - both cash and in kind (which may include salary for part of your time and any required infrastructure or school fees).

Different grant types may require different certifications, as stipulated by external funding providers such as the ARC, for example:

  • Written evidence from all investigators of their willingness to participate in the project
  • Evidence of career interruption, or date of PhD conferral
  • Southern Cross University organisational sign off (in addition to the Project Pre-approval form)
  • Letters of support

The Grants and Contracts Team can advise which certifications are needed and arrange for Office of DVCR signatures where required.

As it can sometimes take weeks to obtain all the certifications required, it is essential that you contact the Grants and Contracts Team very early in the process to ensure signatures can be obtained prior to submission of your application.

Expert review may be offered by the DVCR for some grant applications. The expert reviewer will provide strategic feedback on your application - e.g. suitability of your approach for the particular scheme, how well you have addressed selection criteria etc.

Please note, this is not a technical review, and it is highly recommended that you also obtain peer review from colleagues in your discipline.

As you will need time to incorporate suggestions made in your application, internal deadlines for expert review will apply.

During compliance review, the Grants and Contracts Team will check that your application meets all the rules, guidelines and requirements stipulated by the funding provider. Eligibility of participants will be checked. The budget and justification for budget items (where applicable) will be checked. All certifications required will be checked, and kept on file. Issues of non-compliance and suggested amendments will be documented.

Please note that the application draft sent to the Grants and Contracts Team for compliance review should be a fully polished, edited and formatted version that has been well-proofed for typographical or other errors.

Internal deadlines will apply for compliance review. Contact a member of the Grants and Contracts Team for updated advice.

A Project Preapproval Form may be required at the EOI or first stage, if SCU is contributing resources to the project or the funding body requires insitutional approval at this stage.  Please check this with the Grants and Contracts Team at the time of application.