How we can help with your application:

  • Regular Workshops and information sessions are run with members of your work unit. View the current workshops calendar.

  • Eligibility and compliance checks.

  • Budget advice and review. It is recommended that applicants consult the funding provider's scheme guidelines for allowable budget items and expenses. For specific questions on budgeting, please read the Developing a Budget page.

  • Co-ordination of expert review. Expert review may be offered by the DVCR for some grant applications. The expert reviewer will provide strategic feedback on your application - e.g. suitability of your approach for the particular scheme, how well you have addressed selection criteria etc. Please note, this is not a technical review, and it is highly recommended that you also obtain peer review from colleagues in your discipline. As you will need time to incorporate suggestions made in your application, internal deadlines for expert review will apply. The Grants Team can advise on the availability of expert review and applicable internal deadlines, when you register your intention to apply for a research grant.

  • Advice on what approvals are required. All research grant applications must be accompanied by the required approvals. Without these, your application cannot be submitted. The approvals required vary in accordance with the scheme, funding body and the researcher's individual circumstances. The approval signatures on the Project Pre-approval Form (pdf) are a guide. If more than one work unit is providing resources: the Associate Dean of Research (ADR) of each relevant Faculty; and, the head of any non-Faculty work unit providing support, will need to sign for their contributions. Most ARC schemes require a signed Written Evidence form for each participant, co-signed by their affiliated organisation. Some grants require Letters of Support/Institutional signoff from the submitting organisation and/or the Partner Organisation/s. Please ensure these letters are prepared well in advance of any grant deadlines. For Southern Cross University letters, please consult the Grants and Contracts Team for deadlines and provide a final editable draft for institutional signoff, well before the closing date.

  • Submission by Grants and Contracts Team (when required by funding provider). Some funding bodies require applications to be submitted by the University Office of DVCR. At Southern Cross University, this service is provided by the Grants and Contracts Team. Please note that internal closing dates will apply for all applications submitted by the Grants and Contracts Team.

  • Recording and tracking Southern Cross University grant application activity. The Grants and Contracts Team will upload your application to the Southern Cross University Research Management System (IRMA) so it can be included in your research grant activity data for reporting. If your application is successful, the Grants and Contracts team will be advised of the outcome and will handle post-award contracting negotiations.