Tenders and Grant Applications

The below information is an overview of some details that may be required when submitting tenders/grant applications.

Please notify the Grants and Contracts Team as soon as possible of your intention to submit a research tender/grant application as:

  • The below information is standard information that may require further editing.
  • It is likely that additional information will be required for the submission.


Southern Cross University's registered address is Military Road, East Lismore NSW 2480.
Southern Cross University's postal address is PO Box 157, Lismore NSW 2480.

Administrative Contact:

Professor Mary Spongberg
Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research)
T: +61 (07) 5589 3083
E: grants.contracts@scu.edu.au

Annual Reports:

The Annual Reports also contain the University's financial statement.

Australian Business Number (ABN):

41 995 651 524

Bank Details:

Southern Cross University has an ANZ bank account, managed by Financial Services. For bank account details please contact the Grants and Contracts Team.

Legal Entity:

Q: Is your organisation incorporated?
A: Yes.  Southern Cross University is a statutory body incorporated by section 5 of the Southern Cross University Act 1993 (NSW). 

Q: If so, please provide incorporated number.
A: Southern Cross University Act 1993 (NSW); ABN 41 995 651 524

Financial Accountability:

Q: What procedures are in place to ensure financial accountability for the project?
A: The project will be managed by Southern Cross University. As a registered higher education provider the University has in place policies and procedures governing expenditure for research projects. These are under the control of Financial and Business Services and the Office of Research. The University is independently audited by the Audit Office of NSW on an annual basis to ensure all accounting requirements are met.

Q: Is Southern Cross University a fiscal agent?
A: No


Southern Cross University has the following coverage:

The Grants Team can provide copies of Southern Cross University's insurance certificates, if these are required as part of your tender submission or application.

If you have specific questions regarding General and Product Liability or Professional Liability Protection coverage, please contact Insurance and Risk Management. For queries regarding Workers Compensation please contact Workplace Health and Safety.

Intellectual Property:

Southern Cross University is governed by the Southern Cross University Intellectual Property Rights Policy.

Moral Rights:

A moral right is defined in the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) as follows:

"moral right means:

    1. in relation to an author:
      1. right of attribution of authorship; or
      2. a right not to have authorship falsely attributed; or
      3. a right of integrity of authorship; and
    2. in relation to a performer:
      1. a right of attribution of performership; or
      2. a right not to have performership falsely attributed; or
      3. a right of integrity of performership."

In practice a moral right means the right of an author/creator to be credited for their work, not to have other people claim credit for that work and the right not to have their work treated in a derogatory way. Moral rights are conferred on individuals and differ from Copyright (rights around reproduction or performance of creative works), as copyright can be assigned or licensed. Authors can't assign moral rights, but they can consent for their work to be used in certain ways (often referred to as 'specified acts'). On occasion, external funding bodies will include a request for consent to specified acts in research agreements. Southern Cross University will attempt to negotiate with funding bodies to have this requirement removed, however this is not always successful. If this requirement is an obligation of a potential funding agreement, authors should review and come to their own decision about whether they agree to consent or not, but any issues should be raised before the agreement is signed.

More information on moral rights is available from the 

Southern Cross University Strategic Plan:


Southern Cross University is endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) with the following registrations/ endorsements:

  • GST
  • GST Concession
  • Charitable Institution
  • Income Tax Exemption
  • Deductible Gift Recipient

Details can be found on the ABN Lookup website. For specific taxation queries, please contact the Manager, Taxation and Transactions. 

University Organisational Structure: