Contracting research projects

The Office of DVCR provides Southern Cross University researchers with business and administrative support in negotiation of their research contracts - project approval to fully signed agreement and establishment of project codes. We can offer assistance with:

  • Intellectual property arrangements and assignments including Student Participation Agreements,
  • Publication rights,
  • Scholarship agreements,
  • Australian Research Council (ARC) and other Nationally Competitive Grant contracts,
  • Clinical trial agreements,
  • Confidentiality agreements,
  • Research budget advice and review,
  • Approval requirements for research projects,
  • Research Admin Forum (RAF).

The process for negotiating a research contract is outlined in the General Contracts Procedure below and includes several key steps:

  • Negotiation,
  • Drafting of Agreement and Intent,
  • Southern Cross University Legal and Insurance clearances,
  • Sign off by the External Party,
  • Sign off by Southern Cross University.

To commence drafting an agreement, we need:

  • Project Pre-approval Form (pdf) - indicating support from your Head of Work Unit for the project to proceed.
  • Project details. Download the Required Information for Contracts (doc) to provide required information to put together a template agreement. The more information you provide up-front, the more quickly and efficiently we can put agreements in place.

Reporting Requirements

Grants and Contracts Team assists with submission of the following reports, and will send reminders to the lead investigator for each of the following report types:


  • End of Year reports
  • Final reports


  • Final financial statements

Research Admin Forum (RAF)

The Research Admin Forum (RAF) creates the opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss best practice for staff who assist researchers with research applications and research agreements.

RAF meets for informal discussion to discuss a range of topics, issues and practices within the research forum.

Useful resources for RAF

Slides from previous meetings