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Southern Cross University subscribes to Research Professional, an extensive online database of research funding opportunities. The subscription enables Southern Cross University researchers and research support staff to search for available funding opportunities (eg research grants, awards, fellowships, scholarships etc.) and set up email alerts to stay informed on new funding opportunities.

Research Professional:

  • provides summaries of thousands of the latest funding opportunities worldwide and is updated daily;
  • provides powerful search, browse & save capabilities;
  • allows automated alerts when new opportunities matching your searches are posted.

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Funding Insights

Powered by curated data from the Ex Libris Pivot® and Research Professional® services, the Funding Insights dashboard will help users gain a better understanding of the number of currently available research funding opportunities and related funding trends. The data can be sorted by country, funder, discipline, award type, and other parameters. Funding trend reports and analyses from Research Professional News are also included. Subscriptions to the Insights dashboard and newsletter are free for SCU employees. 

Live online broadcast training sessions

Research Professional is pleased to invite you to a series of live online broadcast training sessions.
Each session will provide an introduction to the Research Professional platform, demonstrate how to locate funding opportunities that match your interests and show how to set up email alerts to keep you informed of new developments.

Session Dates

The following resources may be useful to help you get started with Research Professional:

If you have any questions about the Research Professional site, please contact the Grants and Contracts Team.