Our researchers

Southern Cross University researchers are committed to tackling the big picture problems, from the impacts of climate change on the Great Barrier Reef, to engineering sustainable materials for the future. They are the innovators, the educators and the disruptors.

Man laughing while tending bee hive

Dr Cooper Schouten

Dr Cooper Schouten has been fascinated by bees ever since he was a child, convinced he could talk to his tiny insect friends. Fast-forward a couple of decades and that childhood fascination has become a career.

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Blonde haired lady smiling with bushes in background

Professor Amy Cutter-Mackenzie-Knowles

Professor Amy Cutter-Mackenzie-Knowles was one of the youngest women in Australia to be made a full professor at the age of 37. Now she is leading research into climate change action, nature play, and creativity in teacher education.

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Man smiling wearing protective goggles in laboratory

Dr Ahmed Thabet

Have you ever wanted to build space ships, design industrial machines or work on biomechanics breakthroughs? For Dr Ahmed Thabet, a vibrant engineering career is seeing him develop technology across all of these industries

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Lady wearing sunglasses on a boat

Dr Lexi Lasczik

Is art being pushed to the edges of our school system? Dr Lexi Lasczik advocates for quality arts experiences for children in schools, and empowers young people to engage in climate change and environmental education.

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Man smiling with beach in background

Dr Daniel Harrison

Engineering and oceanography might sound like unlikely allies, but in the work of one Dr Daniel Harrison, they are proving a formidable team.

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Man wearing blue collared shirt with bushes in background

Dr Kevin Glencross

While we all agree planting trees is good for the environment, Southern Cross University researcher Dr Kevin Glencross has spent more than half his life finding out just how beneficial it really is.

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